The Poles want to place shared nuclear warheads in their country. They have sense, the Czech Republic should learn

The Poles want to place shared nuclear warheads in their country. They have sense, the Czech Republic should learn
The Poles want to place shared nuclear warheads in their country. They have sense, the Czech Republic should learn

OPINION / While in the Czech Republic there is a broad Chchimír movement and the government idly watches the spread of Russian propaganda, in neighboring Poland the public is so acutely aware of the Russian threat that the country’s leadership can call for the deployment of nuclear warheads on Polish territory without harming its political reputation. The Czech Republic should learn from the Poles.

According to Polish President Andrzej Duda, Poland would be willing to let allies deploy nuclear weapons on its territory. “If our allies decide to deploy them on our territory as part of the nuclear weapons sharing program in order to strengthen the security of NATO’s eastern flank, we are ready for that,” the Aktuálně.cz website quoted the Polish president as saying.

The mere fact that the Czech Republic is buying F-35 aircraft is an excuse for our hypocrites to roar hysterically. After all, it is – oh horror – a nuclear carrier! And the dismay of the peacemakers is not dampened by the fact that the Czech Republic unfortunately does not have nuclear weapons in its military arsenal. The Chchimir movement is clearly not as strong in Poland as it is in our country, the Russian disinformation hybrid war did not succeed as well in Poland as it did in our country. Perhaps because Poland has an order of magnitude worse historical experience with Russia and its soldiers than our country. And so the Poles are trying to increase their potential to deter Russia with the most compelling arguments. Although it is difficult to imagine in the conditions of the Czech Republic, it is a good solution.

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Nova TV reported on Tuesday that Britain will put the arms industry into war mode and the Germans will strengthen the army in terms of personnel. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced that the country will increase defense spending to at least 2.5 percent of GDP by 2030. Germany wants to increase the number of professional soldiers by ten percent. The world is on the brink of the third world war, and only if we prepare for it as intensively as possible, that war will not happen. We, the West – including the Czech Republic and Poland. In Poland, however, many more ordinary citizens are aware of this than in our country.

The Americans suddenly, after months of hesitation, approved money for military aid to Ukraine and want to send the first ammunition within days. In a huge hurry. It would be self-righteous to think that he is trying so hard thanks to the intervention of Prime Minister Petr Fiala during his visit to the US. However, I am afraid that both the decision and the unprecedented rush in the realization of arms deliveries were caused by reports from the American secret services that Ukraine will fall in the foreseeable future without that help. And we have to prevent this – the Americans know it, the Czech public only guesses so far – even at the cost of large investments. Because if we don’t stop Putin in Ukraine with our money and weapons, we will soon stop him in the Baltics, on the Romanian and Polish borders, or near Zlín, not only with our weapons and money, but also with our blood. So far, only Ukrainians are bleeding for the entire West. If we don’t support the Ukrainians enough and they bleed, we will bleed too. And not only, as in Ukraine, our soldiers. Even our civilians, one each of us. Like in Kharkiv or Kyiv.

Missed chance radar

The Poles are trying to acquire nuclear warheads not only as a deterrent potential. Although he is also extremely important, it is of course also of fundamental importance to Poland that the US and NATO nuclear warheads never fall into the hands of the enemy. So, if it is necessary to fight to protect the bombs stored in Poland, the NATO army, including the American one, will defend Poland together with them.

We had a similar chance almost twenty years ago. We didn’t use it. The radar in Brdy was to be built by the Americans as part of the American anti-missile defense in Europe – and not only the USA, but also Europe. It was called a defensive umbrella and, together with the missiles in Poland, it was supposed to intercept possible launches of Iran’s intercontinental missiles aimed at Western countries. Maybe – and only the US military knows – he could somehow help launch Russian missiles. Discussions about it began in 2007, but an initiative was created immediately “No to Bases”.

Today, with hindsight, it has been repeatedly found that it was the first massive influence operation of the Russian secret services in Europe. It was the first massive appearance of anti-American groups and influences in our country after November 1989. At that time, when opponents of the radar started a hunger strike against its construction, I started a hunger strike for its construction. We could go eat both sides. When US President Barack Obama began to push his vision of US foreign policy, as part of his reboots and general apologies for all the scumbags on the planet, the construction of the radar fell off. The chance to have a radar in the Czech Republic as a strategic part of the anti-missile defense of the West, which NATO would defend against the Russians with certainty, was gone.

The Czech Republic needs something similar

The Poles understood the advantages of a strategic facility on their territory. The only full guarantee that NATO, the USA and the West as a whole will not fall foul of their country in the event of a Russian attack is the same as for the Czech Republic. Having something on your territory that NATO and the Americans will not hand over to the enemy under any circumstances. For example nuclear weapons. Our country would need to have something similar on its territory – when, unfortunately, the radar did not work. Something so strategically important for the US and NATO that Munich can never happen again. Something they couldn’t get away with, something they would defend as their own territory in the event of a Russian attack. It doesn’t matter what it will be – radar, nuclear warheads, airfields… The only thing is that it has a strategic and indispensable meaning for the allied armies.

There is still plenty of time left until the election, and Americans already know that the world is about to erupt into war. That is why I would be very happy if Defense Minister Jana Černochová managed to negotiate the location of some strategically important NATO or US technology in the Czech Republic before the elections.

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