More tourists came to the Pilsen Region, but spent less time here


The year-on-year increase in visitors occurred in the first quarter of this year in the Pilsen Region, but the number of overnight stays decreased. In an inter-regional comparison, the region had the ninth highest share of the total number of visitors in the Czech Republic. According to data from the Czech Statistical Office, the highest number of visitors traveled to West Bohemia from Germany.

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“Preliminary data show that a total of 154,705 guests visited the Pilsen Region in the 1st quarter of 2024. Compared to 2023, there was a slight increase in the number of visitors by 1.6%. Almost 59,000 foreign guests visited the Pilsen region, their number was higher by 4,327 people in this period, which meant an increase of 7.9%. In the case of domestic clientele, on the contrary, there was a decrease, namely by 1,819 guests, which is 1.9%,” said Lenka Hamouzová from the Regional Administration of the Czech Statistical Office.

The Pilsen region accounted for 3.8% of the total number of visitors in the Czech Republic, which is the ninth largest share among regions. “The capital city of Prague, where 38.1% of all tourists were concentrated, is still ranked among the most visited regions in the long term. The Královéhradecký, Jihomoravský and Karlovy Vary regions were among the other popular regions in the period from January to March 2024. On the contrary, the fewest visitors in this period went to Ústí, Pardubice and Vysočina,” she continued.

Visitors to the Pilsen Region spent a total of 365,671 nights here in the first three months of 2024, which represents a drop of more than 10,000 nights compared to the same period of the previous year. “When calculated per guest, the average number of overnight stays is 2.4 nights and the average length of stay is 3.4 days, which means a slight decrease compared to the 1st quarter of 2023. Overall, there was a shorter stay in the year-on-year comparison in the period of January until March for both domestic guests and foreign visitors,” added Hamouzová.

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Of the total number of 59,000 foreign tourists who visited the Pilsen Region in the 1st quarter of 2024, the majority were visitors from neighboring Germany. 30,769 of them visited our region and made up more than half of the total number of non-residents. Compared to the previous year, 2,676 more German guests arrived in the region between January and March 2024. A large number of guests from Slovakia, Taiwan, Poland and Italy also came here.


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