Olomouc-American courtship. Blue Crow doesn’t have to settle for football Sigma

Olomouc-American courtship. Blue Crow doesn’t have to settle for football Sigma
Olomouc-American courtship. Blue Crow doesn’t have to settle for football Sigma

“It’s no secret that I’m familiar with people from Blue Crow Sports Group, which is negotiating the buyout of the football club’s shares. One of the co-owners of Blue Crow Sports Group also has an ownership stake in the NBA club, the San Antonio Spurs. Blue Crow is a really important world player and a connection with a traditional club like Sigma could bring Europe to Olomouc, which the fans want,” says Špunda.

Thanks to acquaintances at Blue Crow, he also got to the Spanish football club Leganes. “I can say for myself that I would be thrilled if we got such a partner in basketball. It is a well-functioning company that has a wide team of experts and works with the latest trends in the field of player development,” says the native of the village of 1,000 in Hané.

BK Redstone Olomouc has a seasonal budget of around eight million crowns, a strong partner would increase not only the economic condition of the club, but also its ambitions.

This year, Olomouc’s basketball players reached the playoffs for the first time since the club moved from Prostějov to Olomouc’s Čajkaréna in 2021, incidentally also due to better access to financial support.

“It was the most successful season. We played the final tournaments in the Czech Cup and the European Alpe Adria Cup and advanced to the league quarterfinals. Compared to previous seasons, this is a significant step forward. The positives definitely prevail,” assesses Špunda, who still sees basketball as his priority.

“BK Redstone has had the best season, we want to build on that in the next one,” says the club’s general manager regarding speculation about the sale of the license.

These days, he is negotiating a contract extension with the American coach Andy Hipsher, who can thus become the first coach in the modern history of Olomouc, after moving from Prostějov, to last longer than a season. The previous coaches, Bujan or Čurovič, did not impress the management – and Špunda – with their results.

More Americans than Czechs. Even next year?

That’s why they decided on an American trip this year. Either in the implementation team or in the field. “The Balkan school is something else. If I were to compare it, the Balkan approach was more boring for me, repeating the same things over and over again. Which is not to say that now with the new coach, we are not grinding the defense to the point of insanity. Yeah. And we still have to work on it. But it seems to me that the Americans are more positive and communicative,” noted Redstone captain Lukáš Feštr.

He himself wished for only one thing before the season: promotion to the playoffs. This finally came true for his team. From the group of losers, Olomouc got past USK Praha in the preliminary round of the play-off, and in the quarter-finals they met the big favorite from Nymburk. In the end, Olomouc lost 0:4 for the matches.

“Of course, we didn’t want to be eliminated after such a result. We wanted to win at least once. Especially in the games in Nymburk, we were close to a sensation. It didn’t work, we ran out of energy in the home matches and the opponent dominated. But that does not mean that we are disappointed with the results during the season,” explains Špunda.

“The season was quite turbulent. At the end of the regular season, it looked like the team could end up in the playoffs and fight for retention. But after a big turnaround, he made it through the preliminary round to the quarter-finals of the elimination round,” he praises his team.

In addition to the coach, he would also like to keep the axis of the team, which was also not the rule in previous seasons. “We are conducting negotiations primarily with the Czechs, who should form the basis of the next cadre. I think the first results will be within a week, two at the most,” he promises.

A total of nine American players played for Redstone this season, in addition to coach Hipsher, assistant Carter Vance was also on the team. There were seven Czechs, the last player to play in a Redstone jersey was Briton Amin Adamu.

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