The nobility finally in a new guise? Prague will issue a tender for the completion of repairs for 175 million


Repairs to the monument began at the turn of 2017 and 2018, and the main hall has already been repaired and approved. However, the restaurant and the adjacent Kaštanka garden are still not finished, and the interior rooms and the annex are in a state of rough construction. The city has so far invested 225.76 million crowns in the repairs, but due to the exhaustion of the money allocated for the repair, the work was interrupted and only part of the building is approved. The overall repair of the restaurant will thus become more expensive.

“The project includes the selection of a contractor for the second stage, within which it will take place for the construction of a colonnade, gazebo, rehabilitation of the slope above the restaurant and the construction of a new building with facilities. The expected costs for the implementation are about 145 million crowns (without VAT), thanks to which we will be able to correct the mistakes of the previous management and really save Šlecht’s restaurant. I firmly believe that it will be open again for the citizens of Prague in the foreseeable future,” said the mayor’s deputy Jiří Pospíšil (TOP 09).

The public contract concerns the completion of the restaurant’s reconstruction so that it can be fully put into operation. There are 18 rooms in the historical building, which are in rough construction, as well as an extension. In the currently planned finishing phase, there will be a restaurant, a pastry shop and a garden restaurant, as well as a colonnade and gazebo, and a toilet will also be created. The slope above the building is to be rehabilitated.

Inside the unfinished parts, partitions or water and electricity distributions need to be built, among other things. Workers must build the elevator and finish the surfaces. In the extension, the horizontal distribution of the sewerage system will also need to be adjusted. On the list of finishing works is the construction of a noise barrier on the roof of the western extension, steel leveling steps and a ramp in the supply yard or landscaping by the building.

How much will it cost?

Of the total amount, most of the money will go to the completion of repairs, namely 133 million. Completing the public toilets at the restaurant will cost 8.7 million and the rest of the money will go to rehabilitate the slope. In addition to the above-mentioned works, the municipality also plans to restore the neighboring Kaštank garden, which, according to earlier information from the city, should cost an additional 19 million.

The listed building of the Noble Restaurant was created in the 17th century as a baroque summer house. The restaurant has been on the site since the 19th century, the building is named after Antonín Šlecht, under whom it operated until the Second World War. The building fell into disrepair from 1950 and was demolished in the 1960s due to its state of disrepair. The building burned down in 1978 and 1980 and was damaged by floods in 2002.

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