Prove that chickens don’t suffer on your farms. MEPs drew attention to the business of agrobaron Jandejsko

Prove that chickens don’t suffer on your farms. MEPs drew attention to the business of agrobaron Jandejsko
Prove that chickens don’t suffer on your farms. MEPs drew attention to the business of agrobaron Jandejsko

The association IMAGE – Defenders of animals published footage on social networks in March showing the appalling conditions of chickens on several farms of the RABBIT company of businessman Zdeňko Jandejsko. He is running in the European Parliament elections for the coalition ENOUGH! But last week, the court banned the association from using the footage. MEPs Veronika Vrecionová (ODS) and Jiří Pospíšil (TOP 09) therefore called on Jandejsk to be transparent and prove that chickens on his farms do not suffer unnecessary pain.

The regional court in České Budějovice last week prohibited the association from continuing to use materials from chicken farms. The lawsuit was filed by the company RABBIT, from whose farms the investigative materials come. In a preliminary measure, the court prohibited the use of videos and photos from the breeding, as well as the use of specific phrases describing the breeding conditions on the website

“This is a scandalous decision that is unprecedented in the Czech Republic. The footage captures the real conditions in which chickens are raised for the Albert supermarket. This was confirmed by the breeders themselves in the media. People deserve to know the truth and to know what’s really behind Albert’s deceptive advertising of happy chicks,” said Albert’s Cruelty Campaign Leader Radim Trojan.

Animal defenders are upset that they were not given the opportunity to defend themselves against this regulation in any way in advance and to defend their evidence. The court’s decision came within one business day of the filing of the lawsuit, and the court included in the order everything that the plaintiff’s attorney requested, they said in a press release.

“They forbade us to show people the truth. A truth that they have no way of knowing in any other way, because the suffering of the chickens takes place behind closed doors, concrete walls and barbed wire fences. This truth simply does not suit Albert or his suppliers, so they do everything to cover it up,” Trojan assesses the situation.

Already in March, after the footage was published, Albert told FORUM 24 that he buys poultry meat exclusively from domestic breeders who are under the control of state supervisory authorities. “Our suppliers guarantee us not only Czech origin, but also full compliance with all legislative requirements, including consideration of animal welfare. To increase the transparency of our products and consumer awareness, we print a QR code on the packaging, which allows customers to find out information about the location of the farm where the chicken was raised,” said spokesperson Jiří Mareček.

The RABBIT company then stated in a statement that the breeding of chickens, their transport and processing are governed by applicable legal regulations, namely the Veterinary Act, the Animal Protection Act, Council Directive 2007/43/EC on minimum rules for the protection of chickens raised for meat. “Each farm is assigned a farm registration number and is supervised by the local state veterinary administration,” explained company director Tomáš Fulín. According to him, no wrongdoings and violations of applicable regulations governing the breeding of chickens for meat have been found on the farm over the past three years.

MEPs’ call

Due to the conditions in the farms and the court’s decision, MEPs Veronika Vrecionová (ODS) and Jiří Pospíšil (TOP 09) called on Jandejska to be transparent and publish information about his business. “At the same time, we call on Kateřina Konečná, chairperson of the Communist Party of the Czech Republic, for whom Jandejsek is running for the European Parliament, to seek redress. We express our clear support for the association OBRAZ – Animal Defenders. People have the right to know the truth and IMAGE brings it,” they said on the social network.

“However, we are convinced that the public has the right to know the conditions under which the poultry is kept and how insanely it suffers. “Education is the basis, because if we want to improve the conditions of farm animals, we have to show what is happening behind the walls of the agrobaron and the politician of Jandejsk,” emphasized Pospíšil in a statement to FORUM 24.

According to them, a politician must be transparent in his business life as well, and stricter rules must apply to him than to an ordinary citizen. “That’s why we call on you, Mr. Jandejska: as a politician, be transparent and prove yourself that the chickens on your farms do not suffer unnecessary pain, suffocate in dark halls, do not have burns from their own excrement, and that you do not supply Czech consumers with disfigured quick chickens that during their short lives they never see the light of day,” said Vrecionová (ODS).

The MEPs added that they fully respect the right to private property and do not support its infringement in any way and do not seek to challenge the decision of the independent court itself. According to them, the solution could be the introduction of a mandatory camera system in the halls. Both MEPs confirmed that they will advocate for its introduction.

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