The first RegioPanter train with passengers hit the tracks, it will go from Prague to Kralupe


According to Czech Railways director Michal Krapinec, the modern Regiopanthers, which offer 225 seats, will represent the new backbone of the regional fleet. It promises passengers comfort that they have only known from long-distance connections.

The sets are air-conditioned, wheelchair accessible, Wi-Fi and chargers are available. From the units for other regions, the interior of the Central Bohemian units differs, at the customer’s request, they have more 1st class seats.

These are located at both ends of the set. They offer 16 seats, which is double the others.

The first RegioPanter will be heading to the Central Bohemian Railway next month


According to him, České dráhy is awaiting the biggest renewal of regional and long-distance trains since the company was founded this year. “We will put about 440 vehicles into operation. We will experience a qualitative revolution in domestic colleges,” he noted.

“It’s definitely nice because it’s quiet, an order of magnitude quieter than we’re used to. Even the stability of the ride seemed better after the first ride,” train conductor Jaroslav Pros responded to Novinek’s question about his experience from the first ride. The journey from the metropolis to Kralupa took approximately thirty minutes.

Photo: Jan Handrejch, Law

The units are air-conditioned, barrier-free, with wifi.

It also appreciates mechanical platforms for wheelchair users that can be easily manipulated, making the operator’s job easier. He knew what awaited him, because he got acquainted with the new train a few days ago at the depot.

“It wasn’t difficult to get to know each other,” stated Pros, who has been working for Czech Railways for 18 years. “Another big change occurred in passenger counting. Until now, we counted them manually, here the unit detects how many people get on and off,” he said.

Even the passengers were thrilled by how quietly the trains whizzed along the track. “Nice,” was Marie’s brief assessment of the new means of transport, who went to see her cousin who lives in Kralupy on Monday. “And how new it smells,” the girl smiled.

PHOTO: The new suburban train of Czech Railways RegioPanter hit the tracks



The current trial operation of the regiopanthers serves primarily to familiarize the personnel. As needed, up to three pairs of connections between Prague and Kralupy depart daily. From December, they will become the domain of the S4 line from Prague to Kralupe and to Ústí nad Labem.

At the peak of the Prague-Kralupy section, they will be run in double traction with a capacity of up to 450 seats, in the less frequented section between Kralupy and Ústí and back, only one train will continue. České dráhy will also deploy them on the Prague-Kolín-Kutná Hora line.

“This is only the beginning of the renewal of rolling stock within the Central Bohemian Region,” pointed out the Director of Integrated Transport of the Central Bohemian Region Zdeněk Šponar.


Photo: Jan Handrejch, Law

The journey between the two cities takes approximately half an hour.

“The new trains are an attractive alternative to individual motoring and will help relieve congested roads in the Central Bohemian Region,” believes Governor Petra Pecková (for STAN).

According to the director of the Ropid company, which organizes public transport in and around Prague, the new trains could attract more passengers from among the drivers who fight every day for a place on the D8 highway or on the roads from Roztok or Horoměřice to Dejvice.

Open-air museum. In Europe, trains normally whiz by at 300 km/h, the Czechs have finally started talking about 200 km/h



He reminded that regional buses are increasingly following fast connections. “For example, starting this year, people from Velké Přílep or Úholiček can also use the train on this line thanks to the new route of bus 409,” he added.

Twenty-two units of the 640.2 RegioPanter series are part of the contract for the production of sixty trains for Czech Railways. Their maximum speed is 160 km/h, weight more than 150 tons, length 79.4 m.

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