Pietro Filipi returns to the Czech market. The brand wants to establish itself abroad as well

Pietro Filipi returns to the Czech market. The brand wants to establish itself abroad as well
Pietro Filipi returns to the Czech market. The brand wants to establish itself abroad as well

The Pietro Filipi brand was bought by the C2H group of entrepreneur Michal Mika a few years ago. He wanted a sign of beer to the masses and to modernize them, which was mainly related to online sales. However, due to many different situations that arose during the coronavirus crisis, the company became insolvent.

Michal Mika, an entrepreneur in the money business, then filed an insolvency proposal for himself at the end of April 2021 together with a proposal for separation, in which he disclosed his personal debts of at least 120 million crowns. In addition to the Pietro Filipi signs, the C2H holding also owned the Trutnov KARA sign. Both brands were covered by the financial group Natland during the pandemic

She acquired them in the auction house filed by the insolvency administrator. Subsequently, KARA became the owner of the marks, its new business phase was first started by Natland in cooperation with the original owner Zdek Rinth.

Now, the tradition of the manufacturer and seller of Czech dog products KARA is re-established on the retail market.

KARU managed to recover, and after the collapse of the Pietro Filipi company, we wanted to save at least a sign that had its value. At the same time, we wanted to give involvement to young creatives and ideas on how to deal with such a brand according to Tom Raka, the founder and majority owner of Natland, the company KARA pat in his portfolio.

It was not entirely in my power to reassemble and substantially revive KARA and to build the Pietro Filipi brand from scratch, said Zdenk Rinth, f the KARA company, adding that after long discussions they gradually came to the conclusion that the brand must shine in professional hands and if mono with eskm lead.

After several individual and relatively large market requests, the vision of the DaniDarx group appealed to us, which also had experience with restarting other brands in the past. In the Finnish selection process, they appeared to him as an ideal partner who would be able to develop the brand accordingly, writes Rinth.

Symbols in Esk hands

The largest domestic e-shop with men’s underwear, Trenrkrna.cz, belonging to the DaniDarx company, has seen significant growth in recent years. Owners Ruslan Skopal and Adam Ronek decided at the end of 2022 to send this growth, and for the first time since the company was founded, to use the financial support of an investor. It became the Czech investment group SPM, founded by Slavomr Pavlek and Marko Panel, which actively channels its investments into partnerships with ambitious Czech entrepreneurs with proven results.

I am glad that, thanks to the support of the traditions of the Czech Republic, Pietro Filipi has a stable home again after turbulent years. From my point of view, they will definitely send a new opportunity to assert themselves not only in the Czech Republic, but also on foreign markets. It was developed in the hands of the management of Trenrkrna.cz, in which we have a long-term full door, to Slavomr Pavlek, partner of the SPM Invest group, and the fact that an important part of Trenrkrna.cz is Czech played an important role in the entry into the company Styx logo made in the Czech Republic.

The partnership thus represents a type of investment in which the group is actively looking for perspective entrepreneurs who have built a stable and profitable business with a clear competitive advantage and are looking for a chapter for rapid growth that is supported by a clear vision of how to achieve it.

This reason for SPM’s entry into Trenrkrna.cz is also illustrated by the fact that, for Pietro Filipi, the production in Czech hands and the products on the Czech market are the characters of the team of Ruslan Skopal and Adam Ronek.

The key is to wave the eskm mum and enem sign that they had to rdi, and that too very quickly. In turn, we prepared the first collection of Pietro Filipi clothes, they are women’s boxers, swimwear, women’s panties, ponchos and underwear. And we certainly don’t want to ride in the dark. If the customers come out and we know they will, we want to gradually move into the development portfolio. The characters of Pietro Filipi and his loyal fans, who are many in the Czech Republic, will make sure of it.

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