Rammstein performed another fiery show in Prague. Look how she looked


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Two weekend concerts by the popular German band Rammstein were a celebration of music not only for the Czech audience. Both on Saturday 11 May and on Sunday 12 May, according to the organizers, 60 thousand spectators gathered at the complex in Prague’s Letňany. The concerts were already preceded by a general rehearsal of the band before the next part of its big tour.

Rammstein concert on Sunday, May 12, 2024

| Video: Diary/Radek Cihla

On frontman Till Lindemann’s loud show and his teammates were also joined by a number of their compatriots. Many enthusiastic Czech fans helped him with the singing of the band’s hits such as Mein Teil, Du hast or Rammstein. They weren’t even afraid of the numerous fire effects that traditionally accompany the group’s performances.

Source: Diary/Radek Cihla

It has already become a tradition for big shows in Letňany to gather people who listen to music far behind the stands and watch fireworks from the adjacent field. This time, the ripening canola suffered from their raid. Even the warning signs prohibiting entry did not save her.

Elán band with new member Pavol Bartovic (right)

The drive goes on, it never ends. A new player filled the place after Vasu Patejdl

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