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Whenever our four-year-old daughter sees a wild animal in the scarp and we don’t, she hoots at us until we go to look too. If we resist exceptionally, at least they talk about the delightfully macabre spectacle for several days. I understand. I, on the other hand, shared the Art Exam at the meeting. Dialogues about how smokers are destroying the environment, but on the other hand, it doesn’t matter so much, because they die earlier, which again relieves the environment, you don’t want to be alone. One of the film’s hard-to-forget protagonists is AVU teacher and artist Kateřina Olivová, who, two years after the premiere, is experiencing her new five minutes of fame.

Her performance of “Slay The Patriarchy” was a real masterpiece, attracting both the audience and the local police department for possible rioting. The controversy consisted in the fact that the naked Olivová was throwing dirt around the garden of her academic institution in a symbolic defeat of the patriarchy, and the children present were looking at it curiously, even joining in enthusiastically. Maybe not. The kids will also be enthusiastic about the stuffed hot dog when it comes to it. Olivová uses nudity regularly, her ass does not disrupt the developing psyche. But the overblown reaction can also be read positively: Czech society still has a sense of what is “for children” and what is “for adults”, and it guards the borders. Anglo-Saxon culture has given up.

It began as reading queer fairy tales by grown men in sexualized female costumes to children as young as three in libraries, nurseries and schools. Gradually, real examples of drag shows were added. American and British educational institutions are drumming up the fight against harmful heteronormativity and vividly bringing the infinitely wide range of human sexuality to minors. It is maximally wide. The normalization of pedophilia is the next logical step in societies where all its manifestations are equal, where nothing is wrong in principle, just different. It’s not quite on the table yet, but the probes are flying with increasing frequency.

Sometime in 2006, the Dutch political Party for Mutual Love, Freedom and Diversity wanted to legalize child pornography and lower the age of 12 to legally consent to sex in order to maximize, as the name suggests, freedom and diversity (and above all mutual love, obviously). It immediately disbanded again, but its only three members are certainly grateful for the developments that have taken place in the area in the meantime.

For example, a growing number of academics are interested in the mental well-being of pedophiles and are not afraid to share everything we didn’t want to know and were afraid to ask. A video titled Pedophilia is a Natural Sexual Orientation can be found on TedEx; in it, a young German doctor first laments pedophiles that they have to suppress their true selves for life, and subsequently concludes that perversion should be accepted as unchangeable and placed side by side with other forms of sexuality. Could she have said this in public ten years ago? Or USA Today: two years ago they published an article suggesting that “persons attracted to minors” are “misunderstood” and should therefore be “destigmatized”; that pedophilia is a “neurological disorder” that cannot be controlled, let alone changed.

In an absolutely bizarre speech two months ago, the Kentucky Democratic senator proposed giving “persons attracted to minors” (she progressively avoided the word pedophile) child sex dolls as a way to prevent child abuse “to let off some steam.” Her colleagues, who can be seen in the footage on social media, look extremely uncomfortable – but no one scratched the last of their sanity to ask her if she understood what she was talking about. We have already mentioned the engagement of drag queens and their contribution to the development of children’s reading, perhaps only that some of them, unfortunately, sometimes experience discomfort in the form of a history of sexual offenses. For example, the gentleman whom Kamala Harris invited to the White House. Of course, this is not nice and spoils the impression a bit. For example, children’s plastic drag queen toys with the slogan “Don’t be afraid to become the image of your imagination, you will inspire others to do the same” will surely make the image. Just.

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