Dozens of police officers are searching for a man from Pardubice, he disappeared already on Friday


“The missing person left a mobile phone, documents and money at home. We are now searching in the area where the man went for walks with his dog and is near his residence,” police spokeswoman Markéta Janovská told Novinka.

The man should be 170 centimeters tall, weigh about 80 kg, have no hair or beard. He might be wearing blue khaki pants, a red long-sleeved shirt, and beige canvas shoes.

Photo: Police of the Czech Republic

The police are looking for a man from Pardubice.

“It is not excluded that the missing person might want to harm himself. Apart from Pardubice, he could also be related to Orlickousteck, Chocna and Vysoké Mýt. If you have seen a person matching the description somewhere between Friday and now or have information about his possible movements, call the police on line 158,” the police spokeswoman asked for help.

The police also called a command and staff vehicle to the event.

Photo: Police of the Czech Republic

The police are looking for a man from Pardubice

“Each of the participants in the search has a device with GPS. Thanks to this, the police officer in this vehicle can see their current positions and has a perfect overview of the area that has already been searched,” explained Markéta Janovská.

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