Schools did not have the right to publish the results of admissions before, the director thinks


Students who applied to secondary schools have corrected tests available. Since Sunday, they have been in the electronic system for submitting applications to secondary schools (DiPSy). Cermat will publish the official results of the entrance exams in the system on Wednesday.

This year, for the first time, applicants could apply electronically using the verified identity of a legal representative. “In particular, personal contact has disappeared, everything is sent via DiPSy, parents and we have everything there. This made the work enormously easier and the time was also shortened,” says Renata Schejbalová, director of the Nad Štolou Grammar School in Prague and president of the Association of Grammar School Directors, in an interview with Seznam Zprávy.

Their gymnasium experienced an enormous rush – they received two thousand applications. Applicants could submit them electronically, but also in a so-called hybrid form, i.e. a combination of printed applications with the support of an electronic system, or, as in previous years, in paper form.

The first admissions with the new system are behind you. How did he hold up?

I think Zermat did very well because the results really came, we have them available. A bit of a problem was caused by some schools that allegedly evaluated the admissions incorrectly, so we had to check everything again and send it back saying it was fine.

Some schools published preliminary results already on Thursday. Do you agree with that?

No, I definitely don’t agree with that. The results were not to be published until May 15. I don’t think the schools had the right to do that.

Where do you think the problem came from?

I don’t know exactly where the problem was or why the directors were posting this. It has not yet been checked by all schools. That’s why I think it was quite irresponsible, the results could still change. The deadline for the announcement was May 15 in the instructions, we all just had to follow that.

Queues have disappeared, everything is done electronically

Your gymnasium is among the most sought-after in Prague. Did the electronic system save you time?

He sure saved us a lot of time. Last years it looked like there were queues of parents carrying applications. My only lady secretary was almost collapsed after 14 days. Then other parents came, bringing registration slips, other parents bringing appeals. In particular, personal contact has disappeared, everything is sent via DiPSy, parents and we have everything there. This greatly eased the work, and the time was shortened.

However, the school part remains separate. Would you be in favor of some further unification in this regard?

The school part is the school part, I think that Cermat cannot somehow influence and evaluate it. It is simply directed by the school.

Wording of sharp tests and results from admissions 2024

The company Zermat gradually published assignment of tests from Czech and mathematics as well correct solutions to individual exam dates. The links lead to the pages of this center.

Four-year courses and extension studies

Six-year courses

Eight-year majors

In the beginning, the system was not without problems. What do you think needs to be done in the future?

There are several things that need to be done sooner or later. But in addition to that, we have a meeting at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports on May 28, and I will comment there. But these are little things that we expected, since the system has been running for the first year, without a pilot. We are glad that it turned out the way it did.

Can’t you even hint at what it’s about?

No, it wouldn’t even be fair if I suggested something to the media. They are not very important things for the public. It is more about things that would make the work of schools easier.

Zermat published that about 90 percent of students who applied to secondary schools were successful. Did you expect that?

Zermat announced an estimate of between 80 and 90 percent, based on some of their simulations. I am rather curious about the results by individual regions, which should hopefully be published on Thursday.

900 applications, 30 accepted

Were your results different?

Yes. Multi-year gymnasiums are a completely different category. But we don’t have 90 percent of students accepted even for four-year-olds, that’s for sure not.

So roughly how many percent is it?

I would estimate it at about 60 or 70 percent accepted. But I’m talking about a four-year gymnasium, not a six-year one, where there were 900 applications and we took 30 people. Not even about the eight-year-old, where we had almost 700 applications and took 60 pupils.

Cermat made the corrected tests available on Sunday morning. Did everything go smoothly this time?

Yes, parents can already watch them. They only call us when they need to ask something. They don’t know all the conditions for the assessment, so we explain them to them. I’m glad it worked out.

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