Instead of selling for 50 million, fear for health. The attacker from Teplice is in hospital


He had a great autumn 2022, stood out in the league, scoring goal after goal. At that time, Teplice valued the Senegalese Abdallah Gning at several tens of millions of crowns, before seven zeros they even gave a five. But then his performances went down, he often struggled with various injuries. He is now in the hospital and his condition is not good at all.

What about Gnigne? He had a stomach ulcer! “It’s unpleasant. It accompanies him all season. We will all go to visit him on Tuesday and I believe that today’s victory will be a positive support for him,” revealed coach Zdenko Frťala after Teplice’s win in Liberec on Sunday. The Glaziers are fighting for the European Cup, but they will have to do without their comet from autumn 2022.

The management of FK Teplice didn’t sell Gnigna at the time, maybe they were scratching their heads later. However, a clear offer did not come. “They were just asking about him. I am happy for myself because he is a quality player; we will need it in the spring. Perhaps the clubs are more cautious because he has only shone for half a year so far; he needs to deliver quality performances for longer. How many times has someone transferred for 20 million and in half a year the club got rid of him. That’s also why, in my opinion, the clubs are waiting,” said FK Teplice director Rudolf Řepka at the time.

Abdallah Gning in the hospital where he was visited by teammate YasserSource: courtesy of FK Teplice

The glassmakers had high financial demands, they even dreamed of the sum of 50 million. But this amount fell rather in exaggeration. “We are not even against 50 million,” smiled the club’s sports director Štěpán Vachoušek. “We would all congratulate ourselves on that. But for the price we sold Džeko and Fenin years ago, we probably won’t sell Gnign, those amounts have gone down since then. In addition, mostly foreign clubs buy younger players. For an almost 25-year-old footballer to go out, it has to be of top quality,” said Vachoušek.

Family is most important

In the 2022/2023 season, Gning, who came to Stínadl from Vlašimi, scored nine goals for the glazier, he did not score even once this year. But compared to 32 games in his first season, he started only 15 games, because he was too often out of the game due to health problems.

“He’s a guy who sometimes stays lying down, and before you hear anything from him… Communication with him is very difficult. We are trying to have him learn English at least partially, because everything is mediated through French. His state of health is sometimes unreadable for us, but I hope that the injury will not be serious,” Teplice coach Zdenko Frťala stated to his client in August 2023 after the match in Olomouc. Gnign did not finish it, then labored with a sore leg.

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In March of this year, he was injured in a duel with Karvina, he played only 16 minutes. “For Abu, the spring part is most likely the passé. The assumption that he would get back together is minimal,” sad Frťala. “We had an interview with Abu. We want him to undergo a certain part of the treatment at home, because family is always the most important thing. Time flies terribly. I believe that he will get back together and he will be ready for the next season,” he added.

But the wiry African played in the league again in April! The joy of the miraculous recovery is now gone, this time for Gning, the season is really over.

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