Incomprehensible, the HFK coach was angry after the failure. Important player sent off for the tie


“We played the first thirty minutes, Jičín almost didn’t get past the halfway point, we outplayed them, even though we didn’t have many chances and we played after 16. But then we get an incomprehensible goal. We will grease the opponents in the break after the rebounded ball. From the first shot, which was also difficult,” former third-league goalkeeper Večeř shook his head.

“Then we knocked around and played. We had centers there that we didn’t reach. We had options, but not all of them,” he acknowledged.

Zábřeh withstood the pressure and robbed the sovereign Medlov of points, taking a valuable draw

The equalizer did not come like that, instead the home team Nový Jičín, which rose in results in the spring, jumped to a two-goal difference. He pushed his way around the corner. “It broke us. We put a lot of energy into those sixty minutes, and then we had no more energy and the match was over,” Večeř regretted.

Cheering for Prostejov

Five rounds before the end, Jičín leapfrogged HFK with a difference of four points. Holice remains fourteenth and has to fight for salvation. It would help her a lot if Prostějov kept its second-league affiliation, so that it would fall a whole lot less from the Moravian divisions.

“We had games before that we had to finish and we didn’t have to look back. We will take Prostějov as a fact, because we will know in a fortnight and we still have three rounds to go. We are not following it in any extreme way now. We know what the problem is and we have to keep working,” he commented on the situation in the higher competition and alluded to his team’s impotence in the offensive phase and also to the cheap goals conceded recently.

Skirmish and two reds

To make matters worse, HFK also lost Tomáš Svrčín, who was expelled for a fight with Matěj Janovský in the setup of the match.

“Gross unsportsmanlike conduct, physically attacking D11 in interrupted play – after a fight for the ball, both players fell to the ground, where H10 first grabbed D11 by the neck (by the tie). When leaving the HP, the player uttered towards the entire trio R: You’re kidding yourself that you’re going to ban me for this. After that, he left HP,” reads the minutes of the match.

PHOTO: Three wins replaced three own goals. Šternberk lost to the leader

“They say there was a tie, I didn’t see anything on the video. In my opinion, it was a strict exclusion. On the other hand, even if it was in emotions, he should have been more careful. It’s annoying because that’s how he gets three game stops. He is a creative offensive player who played well. But it is not that he is irreplaceable. I never commented on the referees, but Jičín had several yellow card interventions and the referee kept reminding them that one more time and it would be a card. After that, the home team was lying there and the adequate setting did not come, he picked it up only because of the red,” commented Večeř.

FK Nový Jicin – 1. HFK Olomouc 2:0 (1:0)

Goals: 28. Janovský, 62. Nippert.

Referee: Matulík – Labaš, Petrásek. ŽK: Cacek, Štefek – Šarman, Pavelka, Kachlík, Večeř. ČK: 90+2. Janovský – 90+2. Cramp. Spectators: 100.

HFK: Šarman – Purzitidis, Kadlec, Vejvoda, Novotný (90. Dvořák), Svrčina, Zdráhal (55. Stoklasa), Pavelka, Skočovský (65. Kachlík), Machala, Zeman. Coach: Petr Večeř.

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