We want to win, the fighters from the John Crane company believe before the Employees’ League


And here it is again. The Deník employee league is already in its fifth year, and there will also be selections of companies from the Olomouc region. The district round, which will take place on May 22 and 23 in the stadium complex in Olomouc’s Holica, where the HFK Olomouc divisional team is based, will be attended by twelve of them. John Crane from Lutín will be a newcomer who is, however, very confident.

“We have many enthusiastic athletes at John Crane. We like to support our employees in a healthy lifestyle, so they have the opportunity to participate in similar sports events several times a year. It’s also a great way to support team spirit,” says Ladislava Kóňová, Talent Acquisition Coordinator of the Lutín company.

As in every tournament in every sport, here too there are teams that have the ambition to win and then also those that mainly want to participate and so-called enjoy it. According to captain Michal Pruck, the Borci from John Crane clearly want to belong to the first group.

“We definitely want to win! We have a team composed of players from the divisional and regional competitions, we certainly have something to offer in terms of good football. And that we would be a threat to the opponent? I can’t say that, but I don’t think we have a weakness anywhere,” he says.

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The next question was about what the employees of the company most often discuss about football. Here, Prucek was not too surprised, because according to him, these are the most common football topics at all, such as the Champions League, the European League and also the English Premier League. When asked who he would add to the team if he had the opportunity to choose any of the current football stars, Prucek answered uncompromisingly: “Kylian Mbappé.”

As was the case in previous years, this year as well, the best team of the Deník Employee League will be able to choose a football trip as a reward, which the whole team will then go on. Which match in Europe would attract a fighter from the John Crane company? “It would certainly be the famous El clásico of Barcelona and Real Madrid,” concluded Michal Prucek.


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