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Can you think of things that could be improved? Filling out the questionnaire, which the Regional Office of the Olomouc Region wants to find out, for example, how satisfied you are with its work, takes only five minutes. There is no need to print or mail anything. Just scan the QR code mentioned in this article on your phone and fill out the questionnaire online. Or use the given web link and fill in the questions on your computer. Not one of your responses will fall into place – the office will evaluate and react to the responses just like last year.

“Since the satisfaction of the partners of the Olomouc Region and its citizens is one of our main goals, we want to get valuable feedback in the form of a prepared questionnaire. Every opinion is important to us and I would like to thank everyone who participated already last year. The results of the questionnaires certainly do not end up in a drawer, but serve to improve the work of the regional office,” emphasized Lubomír Baláš, director of the Regional Office of the Olomouc Region.

This year, as last year, the survey concerns the public, as well as entrepreneurs and regional contribution organizations. Last year, hundreds of completed questionnaires were returned to the region, to which the office responded with appropriate changes – for example, the administrative system of the regional website was changed, which should also have a positive impact on the appearance and content of the site. Based on the questionnaires filled out last year, the regional office also included the required topics of seminars for non-profit organizations in the offer and met the mayors when, at a joint meeting on the occasion of the 20th Conference of Local Governments, he responded to the topics that the representatives of the municipalities identified as pivotal in the questionnaire survey.

“The questionnaire is completely anonymous. Filling in can be done no later than June 14. We will then evaluate the results of the questionnaire survey and publish them in the monthly magazine of the Olomouc region and on the region’s website by November at the latest.” added Luděk Niče, head of the department of the Olomouc region governor’s office.

If you want to fill out the form on a computer, you can find it HERE. It is also available in paper form in the building of the governor’s office, where you can fill it out and hand it in on the spot.

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