The gorillas are thriving in the Prague Zoo. The youngest female was baptized by the British biologist and conservationist Jane Goodall

The gorillas are thriving in the Prague Zoo. The youngest female was baptized by the British biologist and conservationist Jane Goodall
The gorillas are thriving in the Prague Zoo. The youngest female was baptized by the British biologist and conservationist Jane Goodall

Mobile|Photo: Zuzana Jarolímková,

The first Mobi was born at the beginning of January. Her mother, Duni, is a first-time mother and is the granddaughter of Kijivu, who also had a cub a few weeks ago.

“This is already her umpteenth cub and everything is going absolutely fine. Of course, we are extremely happy that the famous conservationist Jane Goodall became the godmother of the cub, who also chose his name. The name is Gaia. Gaia refers to mother earth, on the one hand, to Jane’s research in Gombe, so the name has more meanings.” said the director of the Prague Zoo, Miroslav Bobek.

Jane Goodall|Photo: Daniel Ordóñez, Radio Prague International

The father of both cubs is a Kisumu male who came here with Duni in 2022.

“Jane is at the Prague Zoo for the third time. She was first brought here by her interest in our Roaming Bus project, which focuses on the education of children in Africa, on enlightenment and, indirectly, on the protection of gorillas and other animals. We have established a very friendly relationship, so She likes to come back here. It’s a great pleasure for us, and we’ve actually been talking about doing a Czech branch of her Roots & Shoots project for a long time. These are groups of children and adults who try to help nature, especially in their surroundings. To put it simply, they’re conservation groups like that.”

Photo: Daniel Ordóñez, Radio Prague International

Mobi travels to another zoo to have cubs

As stated by the main gorilla breeder, Martin Vojáček, the youngest members of the gorilla troop are doing well and their mothers are taking excellent care of them.

Miroslav Bobek|Photo: Daniel Ordóñez, Radio Prague International

“Mobi was born to Duni, she is a first-time mother, while Kijivu already has her fifth cub, so experience can be seen there. Immediately after giving birth, Kijivu knew how to help the cub with breastfeeding, she held his head and did not stress us at all. The Kisumu male is still raising the cubs does not participate, but fulfills such a protective function in the group. Gorilla cubs are born 50 to 50, half male, half male, but since they are harem animals, more females are definitely not left here, when she reaches sexual maturity, she will go to another zoo to have her own cubs, because the only adult male here is her father.”

Jane Goodall has been my idol since I was six, said the happy auctioneer

The director of the zoo Miroslav Bobek added that the naturalist Goodall is 90 years old and spent a large part of her career studying the behavior of chimpanzees in a natural park in Tanzania. She lectured in many countries and also visited the Czech Republic.

Photo: Daniel Ordóñez, Radio Prague International

“Jane has turned 90 and is traveling the world to celebrate and at the same time fundraise for her activities. She is extremely vital, but most of all she is extremely kind, educated, imaginative and charismatic. After all, she actually auctioned one book here, which we translated and auctioned immediately. In short, he knows how to do it.”

The book is about pangolins and is called Pangolina. It was auctioned off by Mrs. Anna. The amount is not small. Does he have no regrets?

“No, I don’t regret it. I’m probably a bit competitive, but this was an absolutely crucial meeting for me. Mrs. Jane has been my idol since I was six, when my uncle lent me her book Innocent Beasts. It wasn’t about chimpanzees yet, but part of it was about hyenas, which have been my favorite animal ever since. Few people understand it. Then I got the book In the shadow of a person, which I have read maybe 20 times and lately I have been following her work at the foundation.”

Filip Masek|Photo: Daniel Ordóñez, Radio Prague International

Zoo press spokesman Filip Mašek added that Jane Goodall considers the Prague Zoo to be one of the best.

“Jane says, and it’s sometimes a bit controversial to environmental activists, that a lot of animals are better off in zoos than in the wild. She saw a zoo in America, and they had happy chimpanzees. She watched them there for a few days, and she came to the conclusion many years ago , that in certain places on the planet it is no longer safe to return those animals to the wild, because the threat from poachers is so high that those animals do better in zoos the best she’s visited, and we’re proud of it.”

Jane Goodall|Photo: Khalil Baalbaki, ZOO Prague

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