Fire in the apartment of a blind person



Smoke and broken glass understandably scared the disabled resident of the apartment

Today before eleven o’clock in the morning, firefighters from Nýřany and Plzeň Košutka stations went to the reported explosion and fire in an apartment in a building in Komenského Street in Nýřany.

“The incident was reported by a blind person who did not know whether and what was on fire in the apartment, but only smelled smoke. After the arrival of the unit from Nýřany, it was found that the apartment was full of smoke and the glass in the oven door had broken. The fire occurred as a result of improper hanging of the towel on the door, when the cloth was partially closed inside the oven and caught fire,” the spokesman for the fire department described the intervention to us.

Firefighters ventilated the apartment, there was no need to put out a fire because the tea towel in the oven burned out on its own. The blow, which the blind woman thought was an explosion, was apparently a crack in the inner glass of the oven door, which apparently shattered as a result of thermal overload from the burning tea towel.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident.

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