The former head of a prestigious children’s choir has confessed to abusing an underage choir member


The server drew attention to the case. According to Jablonec district prosecutor Radim Kadlček, the convicted choir master committed sexual abuse in November 2018 at a choir training session in Lučany nad Nisou.

“As the choirmaster of the choir of the primary art school, he touched the breast and the naturally damaged minor girl under her clothes, although he knew that she was a person under the age of fifteen, who was entrusted to his supervision as a member of the choir at the time,” Kadlček told Novinky.

The court in Jablonec imposed a prison sentence of 34 months on the choir master, with a suspended sentence of imprisonment for a probationary period of 46 months. He is also not allowed to work with youth for five years and will have to attend sexological treatment.

For years of raping and abusing little boys, the choirmaster got six years

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Since last year, the choirmaster has not been working for the choir at the Jablonec elementary art school. Last July, the school received a complaint about his behavior and ordered him on leave until the situation was clarified. In August, the school management and the choir director agreed to terminate the employment relationship.

“The whole situation means a difficult stage of my life for me. Allow me therefore so that I don’t have to comment on the matter,” Pospíšil responded to

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In 2016, Tomáš Pospíšil received the Gratias Tibi Ago award and three years later another Jablonec city award, Pro Meritis, for representing the city in the field of music, education and training

University: He didn’t tell us anything

From September 2022 until now, Pospíšil also worked part-time as a piano teacher at the Faculty of Science, Humanities and Pedagogy of the Technical University of Liberec (FP TUL). However, after the publication of the article on the website, the university announced that it was withdrawing Pospíšila from teaching.

“When he joined our faculty, he had an impeccable reputation as a professional. He was completely problem-free even during his studies at TUL. To date, we have not received a single complaint from students or colleagues about Mr. Pospíšil’s behavior,” said TUL Faculty of Arts Dean Aleš Suchomel.

According to Suchomel, the faculty had no idea that he faced criminal prosecution and was convicted. According to the dean, Pospišil did not inform the university about this. “We did not have any information from Mr. Pospíšil or anyone else at the faculty about the investigation and trial,” the dean added, adding that Pospíšil would no longer be allowed to participate in direct teaching and further steps would follow.

The choirmaster was given four years for raping the boys. He called it Canadian torment

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Winner of the Olympics and world champions

Choirmaster of the children’s choir Iuventus, gaude! and four of his preparatory choirs, including Amici, gaudete!, has been Tomáš Pospíšil since 2005. The main choir of Juventus, gaude! under his leadership, he repeatedly won gold medals at the World Choir Games choral Olympics, he also won the title of world champion of choral singing in 2011, an absolute victory in the 2011 Grand Prix in Graz, Austria, and in 2016 in Torun, Poland.

For its competitive success at the Choir Olympics, Pospíšil’s Choir was named Choir of the Year in 2012, and in 2016 it was invited to organize a full-length concert at the Prague Spring International Music Festival.

In 2009, the choir was also chosen to accompany Pope Benedict XVI’s meeting with children during his visit to Prague. In 2016, Tomáš Pospíšil received the Gratias Tibi Ago city award from Jablonec, and three years later another Jablonec city award, Pro Meritis, for representing the city in the field of music, education and education.

A scout leader convicted of child abuse has not been released. He must serve the rest of his sentence

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