Two more seniors died with whooping cough

Two more seniors died with whooping cough
Two more seniors died with whooping cough

Last week, a 79-year-old woman died in the Central Bohemia region, who had a number of illnesses. She suffered from chest pains for three weeks and was hospitalized because of them. Her condition worsened to such an extent that, according to the SZÚ, “multi-organ failure” occurred.

In its regular report, the institute also writes about an 83-year-old man from Olomouc who died at the end of April. Initially he had shortness of breath and a cough, two days after the first symptoms he was hospitalized, but he developed “respiratory failure”. He died eight days later.

The number of new infections has been decreasing since last week, which may also be affected by public holidays. Last week, doctors confirmed the disease to 1,210 people, a total of almost 13,500 cases since the beginning of the year. It continues to apply that it is mainly young people under the age of 19.

The total number of infected people is the highest in the last sixty years. Doctors and epidemiologists recommend vaccination to people with weakened immunity and to pregnant women, who can thus protect infants. According to experts, they are most at risk of a serious course of whooping cough. So far, 190 children under one year of age with whooping cough have been reported.

12 thousand people fell ill with whooping cough. But the infection is already receding


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