Torture of a man in Svitavska: The cowering witness was expelled from the court


The men are accused of abusing a 28-year-old man in the basement of his house in the summer of 2022. According to the indictment, they cooked his body, burned his bones, and scattered other remains around the village.

But the witness did not seem like he should testify in such a serious case. He was unfocused, seemed disoriented, or burst out laughing for no reason. That is why the president of the senate asked him right at the beginning if he was okay. “I guess so,” the young man replied laconically, saying that he was drunk yesterday, but not under the influence of drugs.

“You look at Mr. Jireček and frown at him, look at me,” the judge asked him again, but in vain. He finally expelled the man.

Terrible murder in Svitava: The burning of bones stank terribly. He comes to haunt me at night, the defendant described

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The latter could only manage the sentence “It didn’t quite turn out this way” between hiccups of laughter, and he also let two dirty words out of his mouth while in the doorway.

He will be summoned again for questioning when he is not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

In the yard, she saw a brute and a pulley with a winch

In addition to Jireček’s friend, who is currently in custody for the production of meth and who testified that she had no idea that Pavel could be involved in something similar, his mother also came to testify.

She owns the house in Pohodlí, where the victim was supposed to have died. She does not live in the house herself, but she left it for her son to use. She says she only knows about the case what she read in the newspaper.

A terrible act

The defendants were supposed to kidnap their victim from Břeclavsk in July 2022. They forced the 28-year-old man to get into a car, in which they took him to the house of an acquaintance in the village of Lubná in the Svitava region, where they beat and tortured the victim in the basement. For example, also with the use of various tools, in particular the switched-on electric string mower, with which the victim was injured in the back, buttocks and legs.

After several hours of suffering, they tied him to a goat and carried his already lifeless body in a sheet to a car, which they used to transport him to the permanent residence of one of the defendants in the village of Pohodlí near Litomyšle. The abductee was chained to a traverse naked in the cold basement of the house and the brutal torture continued. After three to five days, the abductee fell unconscious and died. However, his body was not found when the detectives started investigating the case.

“I can’t imagine that he could do something like that to someone. That he would slap in the face, yes, but I can’t believe this. The son was fine. Sometimes he started, but then we talked about it and that’s it,” she said in court, adding that he never hit her.

In the period when the events were supposed to take place, i.e. around July 20, 2022, she is said to have personally visited the house. But she only met Golubničenko there.

“He told me that Pavel is in Chrudim,” the woman continued in her statement. Alex, as she called Golubničenko, was said to be cleaning the house. And that included the fact that he wanted to whitewash the basement.

“He seemed confused, nervous to me. I think he was not well. He was more confused than when we first met,” she stated, admitting that looking from the hallway, she also saw a brutar in the yard, which is a boiler for heating large amounts of water, as well as a pulley with a winch. It was there that the men had to boil the dead body to get rid of it.

“We used it for slaughterhouses, we cooked meat in it. During that last visit, he was not in his usual place, he was a little sideways,” added the woman.

The probability of resocialization is low

The main trial began at the Hradec Králové court in mid-April. In addition to the testimony of the defendants and some witnesses, videos of the reconstruction were also shown. Forensic experts from the fields of psychology and psychiatry also commented on the defendants.

According to their findings, neither of them suffers from psychosis. Their intellect is below average and they suffer from permanent dissocial personality disorder. They commented on Golubničenko that he has no responsibility towards social norms, cannot learn from previous actions, is an alcoholic, uses analgesics, sedatives and cannabinoids.

Photo: Ludmila Žlábková,

Defendants Pavel Jireček (in a red shirt) and Alexandr Golubničenko enter the courtroom.

With Jireček, experts observed recklessness, low empathy and a low threshold for starting aggressive behavior. They also mentioned his directive behavior, i.e. that he has to be after him.

“He needs to look for emotionally overexposed stimuli, and he is then unable to handle them. The possibility of resocialization is very small from a psychological point of view,” said forensic expert Marcela Langová Šindelářová.

The possibility of resocialization is very limited even for Golubničenko, but it is not completely excluded.

The main trial will continue in the following days. According to the chairman of the criminal panel, Jan Šlosar, the verdict could theoretically be handed down on Thursday or Friday. The public prosecutor proposed a sentence of around 30 years for Jireček and around 25 years in prison for Golubničenko.


Photo: Ludmila Žlábková, Novinky

The trial of two men accused of murder continues in Hradec Králové

The brutally tortured young man was boiled in a barrel. The murder in the house of horrors in Svitavska is heading to court

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