Mostec non-profits welcome spring. May events for the whole family are starting


On Sunday, May 12, the first of the traditional parade of non-profit organizations in Mostek, called May for the Public, attracted dozens of families from the entire region to Mostek’s Town Hall Park. The event is taking place for the eighteenth year.

Events for the public are starting.

| Photo: the city of Most

Visitors had the opportunity to see the stands of individual organizations, but the main attraction was a rich accompanying program full of music, dance and singing performances. The organizers of the event did not forget the children either. They prepared various attractions for them, including the popular bouncy castle, which made the event a perfect family afternoon.

In addition to the entertainment and cultural program, a competition also started We play with the Community Plan, which runs until October. Those interested in participating could pick up a competition card at the marked stand, on which they will gradually collect stamps from the events. Those who get at least four out of a possible six can be entered into a raffle for prizes that will take place in the fall as part of the festivities October for non-profits 2024.

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Children can also bring a hand-painted picture on the theme What I like about non-profit events to each of the events. Each child will receive crayons for the submitted picture, but only one picture can be submitted at each event.

All submitted creations will be exhibited in the building of the Mostek municipality throughout October. Authors of the best pictures will also receive rewards at the event October for non-profits 2024 . The picture must be accompanied by a name and surname and a telephone number.

Deputy Mayor Markéta Stará took over the patronage of the parade, which is organized by the Zálesák Most Children’s Organization.

Detailed information about events can be obtained at

Selected events for awarding stamps:

May 12 | May for the public – OPENING – City Hall Park

May 26 | A day for the whole family with the City Police – traffic playground Most

Events for the public begin.Source: the city of Most

May 31 | Children’s Day at SVČ – the SVČ garden

Events for the public begin.Events for the public begin.Source: the city of Most

June 7 | Bridge – the Benedikt campus

Events for the public begin.Events for the public begin.Source: the city of Most

June 23 | We root for the family – City Hall Park

Events for the public begin.Events for the public begin.Source: the city of Most

August 30 | Bridge – the Benedikt campus

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