Be careful on your bike and scooter

Be careful on your bike and scooter
Be careful on your bike and scooter

ZLÍNSKO: A cyclist and a scooter driver crashed.

A cyclist and a scooter driver crashed in the Zlín region over the weekend. A cyclist’s cap fell off while riding, a woman on a scooter lost control. The Zlín traffic police are investigating the circumstances of both accidents.

On Sunday, shortly before 7:00 p.m., a fifty-year-old cyclist under the influence of alcohol crashed on Štefánikova Street in Zlín. The cause of the accident was a cap that fell off the cyclist’s head while riding and behind which he turned. He then fell over the handlebars onto the road while braking. He inhaled more than two per thousand. Paramedics took him to the hospital with his injuries.

A forty-five-year-old female driver crashed while riding an electric scooter in Žlutava near Napajedel on Saturday before midnight. So the paramedics took this woman to the hospital with injuries. A medical examination will show whether she was under the influence of alcohol.

None of the drivers was wearing a helmet while driving, which could have prevented or at least mitigated their injuries.

May 13, 2024, Lt. Bc. Monika Kozumpliková

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