Help Ukraine at any cost? We and the Czech Republic are defending the Slovaks because they gave their planes to Kyiv, warns Hungary

Help Ukraine at any cost? We and the Czech Republic are defending the Slovaks because they gave their planes to Kyiv, warns Hungary
Help Ukraine at any cost? We and the Czech Republic are defending the Slovaks because they gave their planes to Kyiv, warns Hungary

During a meeting of the parliamentary faction of MPs for the ruling Fidesz party, the head of the department warned that NATO had begun to cross the red lines it had previously defined. Previously, the Alliance declared that it was not an active participant in the conflict in Ukraine and emphasized the need to avoid direct confrontation with Russia.

“However, there is now talk that the NATO Secretary General feels that action needs to be taken because what is happening is not working. NATO has seemingly stood idly by for two years while member countries and the European Union take measures that threaten world security,” he said Szijjártó.

He added that as part of these efforts, NATO is trying to increase coordination in the transport of weapons, in the training of Ukrainian soldiers and is preparing to accept a support package worth one hundred billion euros, which Hungary refuses.

“We want to avoid it completely,” emphasized the Hungarian minister, according to whom Budapest is under a lot of pressure on this issue.

“Today, in NATO circles, the position is quite clearly, widely and openly accepted that Ukraine needs to be helped with regard to its own security risks,” added Szijjártó. He also pointed out that Slovakia, which handed over all its combat aircraft, did not receive compensation from the West in time, and that is why today Hungary, together with the Czech Republic, is responsible for the air defense of this country.

Szijjártó has already stated that the North Atlantic Alliance, by intensifying the financing of the war in Ukraine, is taking major steps towards crossing the previously established red lines.

“NATO now wants to pump another hundred billion dollars into the war in Ukraine. Thus, peace is getting further and further away from Europe, because NATO is also moving quickly to cross the previously jointly drawn red lines,” emphasized Szijjártó.

According to him, the NATO alliance wants to more intensively coordinate the supply of weapons to Ukraine and the training of Ukrainian soldiers.

“According to the proposal of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, which the member countries of the Alliance received on Tuesday, the one hundred billion dollars should be collected in five years, which means that NATO expects to prolong the war by at least five years,” the Hungarian minister emphasized.

Szijjártó repeated Hungary’s position that Budapest does not want to participate in the operations of the NATO alliance regarding the supply of weapons, nor in the training of Ukrainian soldiers.

Szijjártó already stated last year that within the framework of the support program it is possible to provide Kyiv with only so-called non-lethal means, and that only on a voluntary basis. He added that NATO’s decision still applies, that everything must be done to avoid a confrontation with Russia.

“Although there was a specifically warlike atmosphere at the meeting, no one questioned this decision,” the Hungarian minister said, adding that the allies allegedly made it clear that Ukraine’s membership in the North Atlantic Alliance was out of the question under the current circumstances.

Szijjártó added that Hungary supports the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, but at the same time, in his opinion, it should be made clear that the war raging there is not Europe’s war. According to him, Ukraine’s membership in NATO is not relevant because it is not possible to accept a country in a state of war.

He added that NATO also has no place for a state that constantly suppresses the rights of national minorities. According to him, Kyiv must return to the conditions of 2015 in terms of the right to use the mother tongue of national minorities.

“We understand and perceive that the Ukrainians promise that a draft law has already been drawn up, that now they have suddenly convened representatives of minorities, which has not happened for years. Now they are trying very hard,” noted Szijjártó, who, however, expects Kyiv to adopt the relevant legislation instead of promises.

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