expanded its ranks with an important representative of the industry – Zentiva joined the association expanded its ranks with an important representative of the industry – Zentiva joined the association expanded its ranks with an important representative of the industry – Zentiva joined the association

Prague, May 13, 2024 (PROTEXT) – is a professional group whose main goals include the development of the biotechnology segment in the Czech Republic and assistance in making it visible internationally. Until now, it has brought together institutions that represent highly professional research centers with a strong influence on the development of new drugs, diagnostic methods and other medical technologies. Now the first representative of the industry, the company Zentiva, has joined the biotechnology cluster

The biotechnological cluster was founded in the fall of last year and has so far consisted of six institutions from the academic environment: Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, biotechnology incubator i&i Prague, Biotechnology Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Institute of Microbiology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Czech Republic and the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague. Now the first representative of the industry joins them.

“The accession of Zentiva is a turning point for, as it is an important step towards fulfilling the basic mission of the association. This is the linking of science, industry and business. At the same time, we are very happy that the first non-academic representative in our association is Zentiva, a successful international company based in the Czech Republic, which, in addition to production, also has a global research and development center here, and is among the top 10 investors in research and development in the Czech Republic. “ says Petra Kinzlová, CEO of the association.

Sharing and cooperation for the development of innovation potential

Zentiva’s accession to the association follows on from mutual cooperation during the first year of the conference, which Zentiva representatives actively participated in last year. “The pharmaceutical industry has a long tradition in the Czech Republic. At Zentiva, we care that it stays here, grows and brings innovation and affordable treatment to those who need it. For a long time, we have participated in the development of Czech pharmaceutical science through the education of experts for industry and close cooperation with universities, for example within the Center for Applied Research The PARC. Joining is the next logical step for us in building the domestic pharmaceutical potential, and we are pleased to have found another partner who shares our vision.” says Martin Albert, Chief Scientific Officer at Zentiva.


The association was founded in the autumn of last year. It is a platform that aims to connect innovators, academic institutions, industry representatives, investors and other important actors in the field of biotechnology. The association is the organizer of the conference, the second year of which will take place on September 24 in the Slovanské dům in Prague. It also represents its members at important international conferences, most recently at Bio-Europe Spring, which took place this year in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

About Zentiva

Zentiva is a pan-European platform that develops, manufactures and delivers high-quality, affordable medicines to more than 100 million people in Europe. To ensure the safety of drug supply, Zentiva has 4 wholly owned manufacturing plants and a wide network of external manufacturing partners. It offers solutions in key therapeutic areas such as cardiology and circulatory diseases, diabetes, oncology, respiratory diseases and neurology, and is focused on expanding its portfolio in the field of over-the-counter medicines and dietary supplements. The company is owned by an investment fund and delivers sustainable double-digit growth with an ambitious five-year plan for further strong growth across Europe.

Zentiva is a team of nearly 5,000 unique talents united by a mission to deliver high-quality, affordable medicines to the people who need them. Zentiva is a great place to work where everyone feels welcome and valued, where they can be themselves and contribute to the best of their abilities. Together we work to fulfill our mission, to bring health and well-being to all generations.

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