They raised a sheep in the apartment. Dogs, a rabbit and a cat helped

They raised a sheep in the apartment. Dogs, a rabbit and a cat helped
They raised a sheep in the apartment. Dogs, a rabbit and a cat helped

Fate did not deal the best cards to a newly born sheep on a farm in Vochov in northern Pilsen. The weak lamb was rejected by the herd and his chances of survival were minimal. Today, little Ivonka is ready to give birth. Thanks to the Hungarian family, who literally fed her in the apartment on a milk bottle, the sheep now goes for walks on a leash and has a new home.

The ewe, rejected by the herd, was fed by the Hungarian family on a bottle of milk at home in their apartment building.

| Video: family archive and Diary/Veronika Krátká

The unwanted sheep was taken in by ten-year-old Gábina Maďarová, who joins the riding club at the farm. “The ewe was probably one of the twins, the herd didn’t want her. They kicked her and pushed her out. She was abandoned and would die. We agreed with the owners of the farm that we will try to save it. They advised us how to feed her. First she received colostrum, then special sheep Sunar,” says Gábina’s mother Veronika, adding that the ewe, born on March 23, was named Ivona, because it is customary on the farm to name the lambs according to whose holiday that day is.

Source: family archive and Diary/Veronika Krátká

The first weeks with Ivonka were very difficult for the whole family. “She was terribly weak, weighing less than two kilos. We gave her milk and she collapsed while drinking. We had to reduce the doses to 20 milliliters so that she could even drink it, but we fed as often as possible. This lasted for 14 days, then she was able to drink 150 milliliters, which made us very happy. Now he weighs over seven kilos, he only drinks 200 milliliters of milk three times a day, and he is also starting to graze, getting hay and oatmeal,” continues Veronika Maďarová.

Ivonka thus spent the first weeks of her life in the apartment. “We got fur from the farm owners to make it feel like mom’s. We melted the fireplace and she lay on it. At first, she had severe diarrhea, so she walked around the apartment in a diaper. She also had a sweater after our dogs so she wouldn’t be cold. It was incredible how our other animals treated her. The female phalene Elfinka took care of her the most. We have another papillon dog Attila, two ragdoll cats and a rabbit. Everyone got along with her very well. Although one of the cats ignored her, Zeus the cat was lying next to her, washing her ears. The symbiosis was amazing,” adds Veronika Maďarová.

In time, people in Vochov could meet Gábina with a sheep on a leash while walking. The reactions are different, says Mrs. Veronika: “Some people smile and are excited, especially children. Others pretend he’s poor and we’re weird with sheep on a leash, but they don’t know the story.’

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Because adult heather sheep weigh around 45 kilograms, the Hungarians had to start looking for a new home for Ivonka. “We went around different places where we could put it, finally we got to the Fairytale Garden in Pardubice, it seemed the best place to us. There are other bottlers, i.e. animals raised at home on a bottle and other rescued animals and birds. Everyone has their aviary or house. But Ivonka will be a VIP. The owner of the Fairy Tale Garden has taken in the same old mouflon Jonatán, whom she takes home for the night and Ivča joins him. During the day they will fly around the garden and enjoy themselves. Of course we will go visit her, my husband has already promised me that. I don’t want to say goodbye to her, but I know it will be the best for her. Gábinka and I will solve it,” continues Veronika Maďarová. She is not yet thinking about raising another sheep at home: “I would like to, but saying goodbye is very difficult for me. I had this as zootherapy, and it turned out that our marriage is going to last a lot.”

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