The legs of a completely “stiff” man were sticking out from under the truck



A very unusual find was made by a surprised man in the morning on Košutka

On Saturday morning, a random witness noticed the legs of a completely “stiff” man sticking out from under a truck at the loading ramps in Pilsen on Košutka and informed the city police of his surprising discovery.

A patrol of constables went to the scene and it turned out that, fortunately, it was not a victim of a traffic accident or even a diesel thief, but a completely drunken sleeper.
“We woke the man up, but he was in a state where he not only couldn’t walk, but he couldn’t even talk and only mumbled. The blood alcohol meter showed a value of 3.72 per thousand,” the spokeswoman of the city police told us, adding that the officers decided to place the man in an anti-alcohol detention center to sober up, where he could catch up with his monkey much more comfortably.

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