Controls at the Czech-German border will continue


Saxony asked the Czech Republic to intensify cooperation on the Czech-German border. According to Schuster, the reason for the border controls is not only the restriction of migration, but also security or the hybrid war that Russia is waging.

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Controls at the Czech-German border will continue.

According to the Austrian, the apprehensions of migrants dropped significantly this year. “Last year was higher, the year before was the most exposed, since then the numbers have been decreasing. That’s also why we canceled checks on the Slovakian-Czech border, because movement on the Western Balkan route has practically stopped,” said the Austrian, admitting that the wave of migration may intensify again during the summer months. “We have to be ready for that,” he said. Currently, according to the minister, 111 out of 1,340 places in detention facilities are occupied.

The Austrian sees the migration pact as a step in the right direction. “The fact that there was no common European solution for nine years, that the rules were not respected, no one created them, led to the fact that they are now on the border of control,” he emphasized.

“It is the result of Europe refusing to come up with a common solution,” added the Austrian. According to him, the Czech Republic stands for cooperation with third countries in such a way that it is not possible for many people to go to Europe at all. The EU Migration and Asylum Pact should be approved by the EU Council on May 14.

Schuster criticized the slow progress of Brussels, according to him, it is one of the reasons why border controls are still necessary.

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