Leave or remove Christ on the cross from Myslbek? At AVU, they are fighting over a statue


The Echo24.cz server was the first to report on the dispute. He has been working on the AVU since 2015, and he condemned Krista on social media by saying that he does not respect someone else’s work and that respect does not mean approval and he only takes it ideologically, so don’t be surprised.

Dolealov then responded in the comments under his pspvk. I also have ds when I go to the garden, she wrote about soe. Not me first, Ma got drunk. Dolealov argued that the suffering of a woman is morbid.

I don’t know why it’s there. I understand the history of the author, but not because it is still untouchable. He would be better off elsewhere, I don’t know where. I’m sorry, but the suffering Christ is at the zenith, the teacher added. But no one agreed with his view in the discussion.

To whom does Christ seem morbid? You idiot, you want to kill Putin. See the profile, wrote one of the discussants who found the team on repeated calls calling for the death of the Russian president on Dolealov’s Facebook profile.

Jana, and many of the artifacts that are created in the wheel studios are so morbid and in other ways outside of standard pleasure, lust, etc., doesn’t that matter? the statue and musician tpn Mlek responded, for example.

Rector of AVU Maria Topolansk said that there is no day organized by groups of supporters to remove the statue. According to n, it is an individual dispute. I thought that, like any high-roller, we could use our funds as needed, she wrote.

According to him, the statue of Christ should have been moved for two reasons: 1. the wheel is a secular space and 2. better physical conditions for statues. It won’t be. Nevada. The statue will remain hanging in its place, for a year, for five years, as long as we/you want, indefinitely. Let’s discuss. The antique sculptures were moved to the Modern Gallery of the AVU to make way for the cloisters and the diploma institute, explained Topolansk.

kola stated that it could be moved to the vestibule of the AVU Modern gallery in about a month for reasons of protection, because the sculpture was damaged several times in the current place.

when he doesn’t respect the work of someone else, and respect does not mean agreement, and takes it only ideologically, then don’t be surprised…

May 9, 2024 at 10:20 p.m. pspvek archived: May 13, 2024 at 3:17 p.m.

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