National Museum: Rare books worth 200,000 have disappeared!



Rare books, the value of which is estimated at 200,000 crowns, disappeared from the collection of the National Library, with six other rare copies, someone tore out dozens of pages and replaced them with fakes. The police are investigating the case. The case was brought to the attention of the Aktuálně.cz server, which stated that the collection from which the books were stolen includes, among other things, valuable editions of Russian classics whose books have been disappearing from libraries across Europe since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

“Detectives are searching for the stolen works, and the perpetrators face up to five years behind bars if convicted,” police spokesman Richard Hrdina told the server. The head of the Slavic Library, Lukáš Babka, also confirmed the theft of the books, saying that due to the ongoing investigation, he could not say anything more.

Books by Russian classics, such as Pushkin or Gogol, have gone missing from the University of Warsaw, but also from Riga, Vilnius and Berlin. In total, there are supposed to be at least 170 copies worth over 600 million. Europol recently arrested nine Georgians who could be responsible for the thefts – some of them found rare books, the origin of which they are investigating.

Miroslav Karas, a long-time correspondent of the Czech Television in Russia, admitted to the server that the thefts are taking place with the support of Russia, but according to him, it is possible that it is simply a criminal business. “Personally, I think that even in the life of criminals, the Russian secret services have long fingers. And maybe they are fulfilling some order. I wouldn’t rule it out,” Karas said.

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Author: Blesk: Jiří Hadač

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