82 people died in accidents during the holidays

However, the number of victims in the first eight months of the year is still higher compared to last year. So far this year, accidents have claimed 306 victims, eight fewer people died from the beginning of January to the end of August last year.

In August, according to the spokesman, 20 car drivers, 11 motorcyclists, six cyclists, five passengers and three pedestrians were among the dead. The most tragic accidents happened on August 3 and 24, when three people died in each.

On the third day of August, a truck crashed on the D5 near Benešovice in the Tachovsk region. He broke through the center barriers and drove into the opposite direction, where he collided with a moving passenger vehicle. Three people died on the spot – one adult and two children. Last week, three people died and one was seriously injured in an accident on the main road from České Budějovice to Český Krumlov. According to the police, the accident was caused by a driver driving from Dolní Třebonín. He apparently did not adjust his speed, entered the intersection in the opposite direction and crashed into an oncoming car.

A truck swept a car in the opposite direction on the D5 highway. Three dead, including two children

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So far, the last victim of a traffic accident in August is a cyclist who did not survive a collision with a car in the village of Jíkev in the Nymburk region on Tuesday evening. According to the head of the traffic police, there were no accidents with fatal injuries until this afternoon.

Statistics are still subject to change. The investigation may show, for example, that the real cause of death was not a traffic accident, but the driver’s health problems. Additionally, on the contrary, those who died within 24 hours after the accident are added to the number of victims.

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