Even the customs officials were surprised. The van was overloaded by two tons, the weighing showed

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Ústí customs officials once again shined a light on overloaded trucks and vans. On Monday, August 29, they revealed five sinners.

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Customs officers weighed trucks and vans at Řehlovice

| Photo: courtesy of the Customs Administration

Weighing took place at the checkpoint near Řehlovice. The mobile patrol of the customs officers guided the selected vehicles there, driving along the D8 highway. “The largest exceedance of the total weight of the vehicle was measured by the patrol in an Iveco vehicle of the domestic carrier, by an incredible 2086 kilograms. This is almost 60 percent,” said Jiří Nejedlý, spokesman for the Customs Office for the Ústí Region.

Another problem was that the driver, supplying Asian bistros with semi-finished products, also had a poorly distributed load. “While the measured load on the front axle was below the specified limit, the rear axle was overloaded by 51 percent, i.e. by 1,320 kilograms,” Nejedlý added, adding that the driver was fined 12,000 on the spot for violating the Road Traffic Act.

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The drivers of the other four detected overloaded vehicles also received fines in the total amount of 10,000 crowns. “The customs officers will report the illegal actions of the carriers to the administrative proceedings, which will be conducted by the transport department of the Municipality of Ústí nad Labem,” concluded the spokesman of the customs officers.

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