The wall that protects Turwa and the water source is complete. Men did not show her otherwise

Hndouheln dl and Turw power plant, owned by the Polish state energy colossus PGE.
Author ▪ Jakub Plhal

Hhydrogeologists have in their hands the first data from the name, their results spoke to the first Czech-Polish dispute of recent times. The underground walls of the Turw coal mine in Poland and its level must be filled with water in Czech wells and boreholes. The extraordinary underground rampart, less than a kilometer long and over a hundred meters deep, has been completed since the end of April, and according to the Czech-Polish agreement signed this year at the Norwegian border, Polish experts will also be monitoring it in practice. Only if it is confirmed that it is functioning properly and the water from the ash pit stops disappearing from the mine, will Poland be able to open the mine again.

The dispute between the two countries lasted for years. Czechia did not agree with the advance of Polish excavators towards the border because of the threatened water resources of Liberec. It even filed a complaint against Poland with the European Court of Justice. The first change of the water levels in the monitoring wells after the construction of the wall, which was published by the Czech Geological Survey, does not yet show its effect.

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