The second day of play at the US Open: Among the men, the Czechia has no representative in the second round! Women continue six!

The second day of play at the US Open: Among the men, the Czechia has no representative in the second round! Women continue six!
The second day of play at the US Open: Among the men, the Czechia has no representative in the second round! Women continue six!

Roky are among the best domestic clubs, but they always lacked a piece to break through the gates of the Super League quarter-finals. This summer, the Prague Bohemians did their best and put together a squad that looks stronger than ever. Will seasoned coach Michal Jedliček finally manage to lead the green and white team into the top four teams?

It seems almost unbelievable. Since the 2013/14 season, FbŠ Bohemians floorball players have played in the quarter-finals of the highest domestic competition every time, i.e. nine times in a row. And they ended up in it every time. They are still waiting for their premier participation in the semi-finals.

At the same time, it is known that they are usually the most difficult possible opponent from the point of view of the top teams that choose their opponents for the playoffs. The Kangaroos, if they don’t finish in the regular quarterfinals, will always finish last. That is why four of the last five series have been played against Sparta, with whom they regularly exchange fourth and fifth positions and from whom the top three are still a bit behind.

But every time they paid for the fact that they bet almost exclusively on young players. Although their technical and physical qualities are completely indisputable, experience with similar matches and a kind of mental maturity have always been lacking. An additional problem was that the team was pulled through by a single line.

And that should end this year. The squad, whose members are overwhelmingly 19 to 21 years old, has grown in every way. To the experiences that many have from the golden junior championships, key experiences from the last playoffs have now been added.

But above all, the leadership of the team took place on the transfer field. Experts and fans agree that such reinforcements as this year have probably never come to the club before and quite possibly they won’t come again for a long time.

The absolute biggest star, who has just started to shine in the green and white jersey and after many years will shine again on the Czech boards, is the name of Martin Kisugite.

The very offensive defender, who is a constant in the national team, returns to Bohemians after five seasons, which he spent successively in Lagnau in Switzerland, Höllviken in Sweden and then again in the land of the Helvetic cross, specifically in Köniz. It is he who should bring the necessary experience and calmness to key battles.

“I see it as now I will be one of those who have responsibility for performances and results. When I left Bohemka, it was up to the young people and we lacked a leader a bit.” admits Kisugite, saying that the current squad was actually the same as the one five years ago and that he could become the key figure.

“Players who have national team experience, or experience from abroad, can help the team in important matches, add the few percent it needs to jump a little higher,” he added in an interview on the club’s website.

That’s why Bohemians brought in another experienced player – 28-year-old Jan Řehoř, who also last worked in Switzerland (UHC Thun). Even before this engagement, he played for the two most successful Czech floorball clubs, i.e. both Tatran Střešovice and Mlada Boleslav, with whom he has a total of three championship titles.

“Honza is exactly the type of player we’ve been missing and can move us forward. I believe that his arrival together with Martin Kisugit will bring enough experience in the elimination fights.” head coach Michal Jedlička likes it.

“It’s a bomb. I am very happy that Martin has returned, but I would not condemn Honza Řehor. That’s a huge boost, both considering his age and his type of player.” Martin Forman, Jedličk’s assistant and recent vice-champion of the Swedish Super League, also praised Bohemians’ reinforcements in Buri’s Backchecking podcast.

However, that is far from all. Although the Prague team did not bring in any other floorball players with similar experience, they still have more than enough fresh, high-quality acquisitions.

Ondřej Kawulok, the junior world champion, returned from Ústí, in Trenčín, Bohemians scouted the promising Samuel Virga, Šimon Hronek transferred from Hattrick Brno, and Jaroslav Petrák went to Panthers Praha to follow his brother.

A solid list of new players who significantly expand the already quality squad. Its great advantage is also that it has de facto managed to keep it all together. The young guns led by Filip Forman, the productivity king of last year’s Super League, will wear the kangaroos’ jersey in the upcoming year as well.

However, the truth is that floorball behind the scenes are getting louder and louder, that for the aforementioned 20-year-old Czech representative, it may be the last season in the country for a long time. He clearly outgrows not only the club, but the entire competition, and it is no secret that there is interest in him at the most prestigious floorball addresses in the world.

Another of the reasons why Bohemians should achieve historic success at least in the semi-final form this year. “I dare to say that there is really a very decent chance to break through to the quarterfinals this year,” Forman’s cousin Martin does not hide his hopes.

Michal Jedlička and spol. they definitely built an extremely strong team for the following season, which, at least in the history of the Bohemians floorball club, has no parallels. However, only the first matches will show if the quality of the paper will be reflected on the Super League scoreboards.

On September 10, the kangaroos leave to open the season in Otrokovice, where they have not been successful for a long time. The first big tests with top opponents await them on October 9 and 15, when they will first welcome Vítkovice at home and then go to the home of the reigning champions from Mladá Boleslav.

Source: FbŠ Bohemians, Buri’s Backchecking, Czech floorball

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