Parking in Prague: The application will show the occupancy of P+R parking lots

Drivers just need to download the PID Lítačka application or other mobile applications that can be used to plan a trip to the capital. In real time, drivers can then view data on the availability of P+R parking lots and park in peace. At the same time, the system will provide information for local governments when planning the future capacity of parking lots and the associated congestion of local roads.

Fewer cars in the center

“Thanks to the collection of data, the participating cities will be able to monitor the occupancy of individual parking lots and react to the situation more easily, for example, to optimize environmentally friendly forms of transport, or to edit documents for territorial or strategic decision-making,” informs OICT Director General Tomáš Barczi. Data on parking lots in the Central Bohemia region will also be included. Drivers are shown not only the current capacity, but also other data such as the price for parking.

This makes it easier for drivers to plan their journey and choose a connecting connection of the Prague Integrated Transport. Above all, it will help them decide where to park, so that they don’t needlessly drive to full parking lots and waste time searching.

“The new system will also contribute to reducing the number of cars in the city, to greater use of public transport and to reducing the burden on life caused by car traffic, which is in line with the Climate Plan for Prague,” rejoices Mayor Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates). The pilot project will have 4 stages and last 33 months, whereas only in the third stage will the pilot operation start, and in the fourth the application will start “for real”.

Around two thousand places so far

The abbreviation P+R stands for “Park+Ride”, loosely translated as “park and ride public transport”. That is why the parking lots are within reach of Prague Integrated Transport, they are located near metro stations or railway stations. In the metropolis, drivers can currently use 21 of these parking lots, 15 of which are charged and guarded, but if a thief “runs” at them, the guard will not stop him. The remaining 6 parking lots are free. However, the car can park on them for a maximum of 12 hours.

Edge parking of the future

The massive construction of P + R parking garages in Prague is yet to come. In March, councilors agreed to issue a public contract for the construction of a four-story parking facility with a capacity of 495 spaces. “The parking lot will be created in Chilská Street near the metro station C Opatov, and it will also include a park with seating,” municipality press spokesman Vít Hofman tells Bleska. In June, the councilors again “knocked” the construction of a parking garage on the Dědina estate in Prague 6. Construction should take place between 2023 and 2024, and upon completion it will accommodate 290 cars.

Three administrative buildings with a hotel are planned to be built around the Nádraží Krč metro station in the future. “At the same time, a new Krč train station will be built and a transfer to express line 125 on the South connector. Part of the transformation of the location will also be the new P+R parking lot,” says Vít Hofman. In the future, the city is planning a tram line that will connect Dejvice with Suchdol and is considering a parking garage at the end of Roztocká street.

This is what the new P+R parking lot on Černý most looks like. Jan Dařílek

So far, the newest P+R parking lot on Černý most with a capacity of almost 900 cars.

So far, the newest P+R parking lot on Černý most with a capacity of almost 900 cars.

Author: Jan Dařílek

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