Expedition 18 traveled from western Bohemia to Michalovci in Slovakia

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On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the end of the Czech-Slovak federation, a group of enthusiasts decided to organize an international Expedition on the 18th.

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Enthusiasts organized Expedition 18 and followed the route of a unique road leading across what was then Czechoslovakia under one numerical designation “Road No. 18” from one end of the former federation to the other.

| Photo: Miroslav Volf

With the dissolution of the common state on January 1, 1993, even the first-class road number 18 ceased to exist. It led from Příbram to Michalovce in eastern Slovakia and was thus the longest first-class Czechoslovak road.

After II. World War II, before the expansion of the Brda military training area, it even started in Rokycany and was thus a real link between the west of the republic and the east. The participants of the expedition continued this tradition and brought the message of the Slovaks and West Bohemians to the inhabitants of eastern Slovakia to Michalovce. Together with the Volyn Bohemians, it was the Slovaks from the other end of the republic who settled the West Bohemian borderlands after the original German population had been driven out. This was also reminded at the symbolic start of the Czech-Slovak expedition in the westernmost district town of the Pilsen Region – Tachov.

When saying goodbye to Pilsen on us. In front of the town hall, there were also several regional songs performed by the folklore group Plzeňáček. From here, the expedition headed through Rokycany and Mirošov, i.e. partly in the footsteps of the original eighteen, to Rožmitál pod Třemšín. A considerable number of old vehicles, mainly felicias, took part in the sharp start here. Not by chance. Members of the Felicia coupé club formed the core of the expedition. “Some came with their shiny darlings only to Rožmitál, where the current torso of the former almost thousand-kilometer-long eighteen-lane begins, others accompanied the expedition all the way to the square in Votice, where the road under this number ends. Further, it leads to the Moravian-Slovak border in its current form under different numbers, mostly as a Class II road. In Slovakia, however, its designation remained throughout its length,” said Mirosla Volf for the members of the expedition.

The unique Rokycan area was the venue for the Technology Day

Private Kouba escaped from children on the demarcation line

The destination city of the international Czech-Slovak expedition was Michalovce. She received a welcome here, as if an esteemed delegation had arrived. She was escorted from the city limits by the city police, and at the town hall she was received by the entire city management led by its mayor and with the participation of a member of the Slovak National Council. This was followed by a cultural program, a parade of veterans, and a festive dinner. In short, the people of Michalov received messengers from the West at a high level. On the second day, the members of the expedition completed a work-familiarization meeting at Zemplianská Šírava – the Slovak sea, a place famous for an unusually high number of sunny days. The next day everyone was home. After all, highways are significantly faster than the former link between the west and the east.

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