Another seven cases of monkeypox appeared in Prague

Another seven cases of monkeypox appeared in Prague
Another seven cases of monkeypox appeared in Prague

According to hygienists, symptoms appeared in the second half of August in four of the newly diagnosed cases, in two in the middle of the month and in one at the beginning. They were dealing with skin problems including the typical rash, some had fever or chills without fever or swollen lymph nodes.

Of the 37 cases that appeared in Prague in more than three months since the first infections in the Czech Republic, health professionals evaluate for 34, their state of health at the time of illness as mild, three were of moderate severity and two patients had to be hospitalized. One patient developed so-called anuria, i.e. acute kidney failure, as a complication.

By mid-August, all infected men were, the SZÚ did not publish more recent data. According to the institute’s experts, the group of men who have sex with men is among the most endangered group. The infection occurs during close and long-term contact, for example sexual.

The so-called monkey pox was common in West and Central African countries. Around the middle of May, the infection began to spread in Europe, the USA and other countries. According to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), over 800 cases have been reported in 21 European countries.

Texan Silver Steele (40) shared on his profile on Instagram the progress of the monkeypox disease.

Credit: Reprofoto Instagram Silver Steele

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