While searching for an armed man, the police in Rychnovsk found his corpse

While searching for an armed man, the police in Rychnovsk found his corpse
While searching for an armed man, the police in Rychnovsk found his corpse

The TN.cz server reported on Tuesday that the police also found a cartridge case and that the man probably shot himself. According to information from the Blesk.cz website on Tuesday, the body was found in the forest between Deštný in Orlické hory and the village of Dobré.

At first, the police only confirmed that they found a body of unknown identity during a search operation in Dobrušska on Monday evening.

“Since Monday, identification procedures have been underway with the aim of finding out the identity of the deceased as soon as possible. In addition to criminal investigators, a medical examiner was also called to the scene to examine the location of the discovery,” said Magdaléna Vlčková, spokesperson for the Hradec Králové police.

According to the initial conclusions of the identification procedures, which the police have recently obtained, it is most likely the wanted Martin R. from Rychnovsko, whom the police searched for with the help of the public and the media.

“The identity of the deceased will be definitively determined only by the results of commissioned expert examinations in the field of genetics. The cause of death and other circumstances decisive for further proceedings will be brought closer to us by the conclusions of the ordered forensic autopsy. We are continuing to investigate the moral offenses in connection with which we were looking for the man, using the secured traces,” said the spokeswoman.

More than a hundred police officers with state-of-the-art equipment were involved in the search. “We have been responding and investigating day and night every report we have received from the public. We thank the public for the valuable information,” the spokeswoman pointed out.

According to the TN.cz server, the police had been looking for a man suspected of raping a minor girl since August 18.

The village of Semechnice warned residents on its Facebook profile on Friday that “a dangerous, armed criminal may be moving around the village”, but the police did not want to say anything about the details of the case under investigation.

Later, the police warned that the man might be armed and therefore no one should try to arrest him. On Twitter on Saturday, they published his current photo and that he had changed his clothes.

People discussed their concerns and information about the alleged movement of the wanted man in the region on social networks. The man still appears in the police search database.

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