Mary Kay Inc. highlighted its global strategy for sustainable development at the international conference Sustainable Future in Prague, Czech Republic

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Mary Kay Inc., a long-term advocate of sustainability, announced its new sustainability strategy for 2021: Enriching Lives Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow before this event. The Enriching Lives Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow strategy was developed in collaboration with the key stakeholders of the company and is in line with the goals of sustainable development of the Organization of the United Nations, thanks to which the Mary Kay company has become a key part of the global coalition striving for change for a better future.

The Sustainable Future international conference was organized by Startup Disrupt, a global event for company entrepreneurs who want to help a new generation of startup founders, engineers, developers, technological innovators and others to get up and running. The event focused on the themes of smart cities (infrastructure, development), electromobility (e-mobility, energy and renewable resources, economy and politics), sustainable business (environment, taxonomy, sustainable finance) and sustainable life (agriculture, food waste, fashion disrupt, smart farming).

At the Sustainable Future conference, experts from different backgrounds and experiences, representatives of various industries, such as startup founders, managers of large and small companies, ministries, associations, unions, chambers, investment groups, policy makers (European Commission), scientific and research institutions, universities and non-profit organizations.

“Mary Kay’s global sustainability strategy, Enriching Lives Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow, is anchored in the dimensions of sustainable development – economic, environmental and social,” said Edita Szaboov, editor-in-chief of Mary Kay Czech Republic and Slovakia. “Given our global footprint, we know that it is our moral imperative to continue the Mary Kay legacy and do the right thing – today, tomorrow, always. We strive for effective manufacturing operations by considering environmental impact and identifying areas for improvement. source. We aim to establish sustainable practices in our business through product development, design, responsible manufacturing and, to a lesser extent, plastic destruction.”

“There is no such thing as Planet B! We should always keep this motto in mind. In the European Union, many companies focus on sustainable business practices. At the international conference Sustainable Future, we showed the best of what we have achieved here in the Czech Republic, and we inspired worldwide with proven procedures. Mary Kay with her strong vision in the field of resilience is an emerging force, it is a dream to work with you.” said Patrik Jurnek, founder and editor-in-chief of Startup Disrupt.

The summit was submitted by the Startup Disrupt company and took place in the Czech Republic on the 13th of Clam-Gallasov palci in Prague. The theme of the summit, which will bring together more than 50 leading women and Czech and global brands, is diversity. ences and thinkers will be represented by a panel discussion on a wide range of diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) topics: prejudice and microaggressions, employment of people with disabilities, inclusive design and innovation, and the mission of women to name at least a few of them. Mary Kay Inc. The global head of social impact and sustainability Virginia Naigeon-Malekov will speak at the summit with a contribution to the dark message built by women and the past order taking into account the gender perspective as another strategy for inclusive sustainable growth.

“Every fourth business in the world is owned by a woman. Yet women-owned businesses around the world receive on average less than 1% of all revenue from large corporations and governments on orders,” said Virginia Naigeon-Malekov. “These two statistics are two sides of the same coin: the eye-catching reality on the one side and the huge complexity that lies ahead of them on the other side. Effective policies and procedures in the area of ​​previous contracts can be used as another strategy to support female entrepreneurs in their efforts to get out of economic impact of the pandemic and reassess business practices with regard to DEI to move towards inclusive growth. This huge gap in the represented pin community to progress in measures to support businesses around the world – a unique community, how to build not only better, but more equal.”

About Mary Kay

Mary Kay Ashov, one of the first entrepreneurs to break through the glass ceiling, founded her dream cosmetics company in 1963 with one goal: to enrich the lives of women. This dream has grown into a multi-billion dollar company with millions of independent sellers in over 40 countries. As a business development company, Mary Kay strives to empower women on their journey to economic independence through education, mentoring, promotion, training and innovation. Mary Kay invests in the woman behind the beauty and production of skin care products, decorative cosmetics, food supplements and perfumes. Mary Kay is living today for a sustainable cause and works with organizations from all over the world that are involved in promoting peak business, supporting cancer research, promoting equality between women and men, protecting victims of domestic violence, strengthening our communities and encouraging children to behind my dreams. Learn more at, find us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn or follow us at Twitter.

About Startup Disrupt

Startup Disrupt was founded in 2020 and its goal is to help entrepreneurs and technological disruptors change the “old” way of thinking in industries, products and services. This idea is the brainchild of people from the global business community and startup think tanks. Clem Startup Disrupt is a startup platform event that will provide knowledge, inspiration and connection to entrepreneurs, startup founders, technology innovators and the startup community around the world. More information can be found at

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