Schoolchildren will travel more than before, buses and trains will be strengthened

Schoolchildren will travel more than before, buses and trains will be strengthened
Schoolchildren will travel more than before, buses and trains will be strengthened

Identify and solve the problem

Director of IDSK Zdeněk Šponar confirms that the public transport organizer tried to prepare as much as possible for the onslaught of young passengers traveling for education. Somewhere – for example near Kutná Hora – the connections for the time of travel to schools and back home were strengthened, in other places a new school line appeared; this is for example the case of the new connection between Dolní Břežany and Jesenice in Prague-west.

“We have implemented the maximum possible measures to make integrated transport in the region run smoothly at the beginning of the school year,” boasted Šponar. “Of course, it may happen that on some routes the capacity of vehicles will be on the edge,” he admits. With the assurance that if this situation occurs, the public transport organizer will intervene. “We will solve it promptly,” said Šponar.

Bus revolution near Prague: The concept of route management is changing fundamentally

The bus capacity monitoring and evaluation system mentioned by Buchetka is supposed to help with this. So far, it is not about the counting frames that passengers would count when passing through the bus doors, which have been talked about for a long time. The new task will be given to the drivers. The IDSK asked the contracted carriers to order their drivers to report congestion on routes and any non-pickup of passengers as of September 1. “Through the on-board computer in the vehicle, the data of which is transmitted to the PID dispatch system,” Buchetka explained, so that information about the problem that needs to be solved will be available practically immediately.

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In the following week, from September 5 to 9, a county-wide monitoring event will take place, in which all available IDSK workers will participate. The aim is to monitor passenger demand for transport on busy school routes,” explained Deputy Governor Petr Borecký (STAN), who is in charge of public transport in the regional council. “At the same time, we are responding to the requests of cities and municipalities to ensure trouble-free transportation in the first days of the school year. We recently asked the management of local governments for information on how many pupils will enter their primary schools. That is, from which municipalities and directions they will commute to the given elementary school – and how the carriers should react,” stated Borecký. According to him, these data helped to decide whether (and possibly by how much) to strengthen trains or how big buses should go on a specific line. “This is important information that will help us avoid situations with a lack of capacity,” said the deputy governor.

Surveys in September, October and November

The first phase of the monitoring event is planned for the morning of Monday, September 5, which will focus on determining the load on the connections at transfer and arrival points near schools. The results will be available on the same day. From September 6 to 9, IDSK employees will drive through the individual lines to personally assess the occupancy of the vehicles. During October and November, a large-scale survey of traffic serviceability and capacity utilization of individual lines will be carried out, in which the Prague integrated transport organizer Ropid will also participate.

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