Discuss leaks of information from the police as a whole, ordered the High Court

The case of a strange entanglement operating according to the indictment between Brno police officers, their former colleagues, businessmen and politicians has been written about since 2017. But when finally last autumn the High State Prosecutor’s Office in Olomouc filed an indictment, the judge of the Brno Regional Court stated that most of the acts do not fall under the jurisdiction of the regional court, split the case and sent the larger part to the local municipal court.

Prosecution for leaking information from police files. Eight police officers are also on trial

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The Olomouc prosecutors did not hide their disillusionment with such a procedure. According to them, the complexity and interconnectedness of the case was broken. The decision also brought with it other question marks, as some of the participants would be defendants in one branch and witnesses in the other branch of the case at the same time. It would put them in a paradoxical situation, for example, as defendants they would have the right to defend themselves by all means and to lie, but as witnesses they would only have to tell the truth.

However, the vicissitudes of the entire case did not end with the division of the case.

The High Court in Olomouc actually decided that the indictment should not have been divided. It is essential that one court deals with the case and thus has a comprehensive view of the matter

Petr Šereda, VSZ in Olomouc

The judge who brought the case to the table at the Brno Municipal Court called herself biased. One of the defendants filed a complaint against this, and the superior court upheld it. Even then, the problems were not over. At the request of the Olomouc prosecutors, the municipal court sent the file to the High Court in Olomouc with a proposal to decide on the consolidation of the entire case.

A few days ago, in a closed session, the chief judges found the Olomouc chief prosecutors to be right. “The Supreme Court in Olomouc really decided that the indictment should not have been divided. It is essential that one court deals with the case and thus has a comprehensive view of the matter,” Petr Šereda, head of the Department of Serious Economic and Financial Crimes of the High Prosecutor’s Office in Olomouc, confirmed to Práva. The case will have to be heard by the Brno Regional Court, but it has not yet ordered a trial.

Information business

According to the indictment, which Právo has at its disposal, a business with information from police databases was supposed to operate in Brno and the related protection from criminal prosecution. Among the defendants are well-known figures from the Stoka case. It is about Jiří Švachula (formerly ANO), who was supposed to be at the head of the octopus influencing public contracts in Brno, and his crony Saman El-Talabani.

Police officers took secrets from files to businessmen for a million, the inspectorate claims

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According to Olomouc prosecutors, in this case, Švachula was interested in information from police databases regarding a political rival and a party colleague. At the same time, he had the contacts of his partner El-Talabani, who obtained information from one of the indicted police officers. At the same time, he was supposed to protect El-Talabani from the interest of other detectives.

During a raid five years ago, another important man connected to the ANO movement ended up in the hands of the police, namely David Rusňák, a sponsor of the movement and the son-in-law of former finance minister Alena Schillerová (ANO). In the end, however, the influential businessman did not end up among the defendants, as the public prosecutor’s office suspended his prosecution.

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