Mr. Mayor Hib, step down immediately and sanctify Prague with experts!

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Chamber of Commerce With this call, the Prague without Chaos movement came out at the international press conference. The leader of the movement and candidate for mayor, Jaroslav uri, drew attention to the fact that the mayor of Prague, led by Hib, who can use the interests of all his supporters, did nothing and only wondered how the elections would turn out. According to PRAGUE WITHOUT CHAOS, the roughly one month until the election must be used as much as possible for a crisis.

Why don’t you behave the same way as South Bohemian governor Martin Kuba? Do you see it as he does, that it is a collapse of the system? So don’t do anything against it? How is it possible that the municipal company Prask plynrensk a.s. is preparing a trap for the citizens of our city? Has anyone been punished for this? Does it seem normal that the top manager of this energy company is proud of the fact that he had an explanation of how the price of electricity is formed? Jaroslav uri asked at the briefing. He drew attention to the fact that this city’s 100% owned company should not behave like a company providing a service to citizens, but they are only interested in business and a long pension.

The most important company with which the city manager must deal intensively without delay is Prask energetika. Here, one would expect that it should be negotiated with the company’s 51% owner – Energi Baden Wichtenberg. Even in this regard, the city did not act. A terrible price of 20 K/kwh, which Praan and the rest of the companies and the entrepreneur will simply not be able to overcome.

That’s why it was public Call for the immediate resignation of Prime Minister Hiba from the function.

Jaroslava Urie’s performance was complemented by Pavel Sehnal’s comments on the Prague candidate without chaos. He pointed to the real threat of the liquidation of business entities and then the homes of Prague residents. I am not surprised at how the state and the city of Prague actually underestimate the threat of an energy crisis and do not take any effective steps. Sam promises, assumptions, conjectures. And people are getting more and more unaffordable amounts for gas, electricity and soon for heat, Pavel Sehnal recalled. He also emphasized that the construction of alternative sources of energy for Prague is certainly relevant and necessary, but it is a job for several years. The leaders of Prague must react immediately, today.

I support the steps of the Prague without chaos movement. The only cure is a clear, forceful one. There is nothing to wait for, said Pavel Sehnal at the press conference.

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