We are looking for the Grandmother of the Year in the Liberec Region, nominate yours

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Do you have a talented grandmother who is over sixty years old? Then register her for the regional round of the Grandmother of the Year 2022 competition. You have until September 15 to submit your application.

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“The Grandmother of the Year competition aims to show that even those who remember a lot can excel at something. The event is not only fun for the grandmothers themselves, but thanks to the fun program, all generations will really have fun,” said Petr Tulpa, Deputy Governor for the Department of Social Affairs. The event full of fun and live music is organized by the Regional Council of Senior Citizens of the Liberec Region in cooperation with the Liberec Region.

To participate in the competition, you must fill out an application form and send it by September 15 to the address of the Regional Council of Senior Citizens of the Liberec Region, Mlýnská 611/35, 460 01, Liberec or electronically to [email protected]

The finals of the competition will be held on Wednesday, October 5 in the large hall of the Cultural and Social Center of the Liberec People’s Park, where after the end the celebration of the International Day of Seniors will continue with live music.

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