The avalanche came down immediately. Other breweries are announcing price increases

“On average, the price increases by CZK 1.70 per pint. This represents an average adjustment of 8 percent, while inflation, i.e. year-on-year growth in consumer prices, exceeded the 17 percent threshold in June and July,” Kovář told Novinkám about the new prices of Pilsen’s Prazdroje.

At the same time, he added that in recent months the brewery has been facing – just like the entire domestic economy – significantly accelerating increases in the prices of inputs, which make up a significant part of its costs in production and distribution.

“The highest increase occurred in energy – electricity and gas. The prices of fuel and materials for the production of packaging (glass, aluminum) also increased. In the same way, inputs directly related to the hospitality industry, such as tap technology, glasses and other equipment, which the brewery provides to pubs for free, are becoming more expensive,” explained Kovář in more detail.

Prazdroj has finished with beer in his heels, he is dismantling the line


Even Budvar or Staropramen will become more expensive

Budějovice Budvar, Náchodsk Primátor and Staropramen will also make beer more expensive due to expensive energy, representatives of the breweries said on Tuesday afternoon.

Starting September 1, Staropramen will increase the price of most draft and tank beers by an average of 5.4 percent compared to current prices. From October 1, the price of packaged beer will also increase by an average of 5.9 percent, said company spokeswoman Denisa Mylbachrová.

According to her, due to the current situation on the raw materials and energy market, the company has faced a further significant increase in input costs in recent months. “We always take this step after a thorough analysis and to the smallest possible extent in order to minimize the impact on our business partners and, by extension, consumers,” she added.

Budvar’s profit increased by more than 13 percent last year


Budvar will announce the new prices in early autumn. “The reason is the increase in energy prices, when we are currently talking about four times the original price. At the same time, for the moment we do not know what the price of raw materials will be as part of this year’s harvest,” said Barbora Dědinová, Budvar’s communications manager.

The mayor is still analyzing the situation. “We cannot avoid price increases, we are not yet working with a specific date. We will try to be as competitive as possible. Now I can’t say how much we will increase the price,” said the director of the brewery, Petr Kaluža.


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Prazdroj raised the price of draft beers by an average of one crown per pint in April this year. It was all brands, i.e. Pilsner Urquell, Radegast, Gambrinus, Velkopopovický Kozel and Birell in barrels and tanks. The prices of bottled and canned beer have not changed. Even then, the brewery explained it by the increase in the costs of energy, packaging and raw materials in the previous months.

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