Tips for Thursday, September 1

Tips for Thursday, September 1
Tips for Thursday, September 1

The nineteenth year of the VyšeHrátky festival for children, their parents and grandparents will take place again this year at Prague’s Vyšehrad. The program will traditionally offer a theater performance by Studio Damúza, as well as guest ensembles Buchty a loutky or My Boys, What We Go Together. You can look forward to a concert by the Bombarďák band, works by DAMU students, workshops, art workshops and an interactive playground. There will also be a swap of children’s clothes and reading to children.

Summer Summer
WHEN: Event ends today
WHERE: Letenské sady, Prague 7

The international festival of the new circus and theater Letní Letná begins, and Letenské sady will be filled with a festival atmosphere from August 11 to 31. The opening of the 19th year will be provided by Swedish audience darlings Cirkus Cirkör, who return with a new version of their hit Knitting Peace. This is followed by the opening, open to the general public for free, in the form of a dazzling and fiery Propane Punk show. Artists from a total of 18 countries are heading to Letní Letná, including such foreign stars as the French legend of the field Johann Le Guillerm or the spirited Compañía de Circo “eia” ensemble from Spain. The Czech scene is opened by the AirGym Art Company with the premiere of NonSen(s), and new circus artists will present themselves in six solos. In addition to the marquee, the best of the new Czech circus will occupy 3 outdoor stages, where the festival will offer 8 performances for the public for free. The festival also offers experiences for children, on a separate stage with more than 86 performances for the little ones. More information about the program, tickets and everything else at

Zdeněk Izer at full cool!
WHEN: From the 19
WHERE: Gong Theatre, Sokolovská 969, Prague 9

An entertaining program in which the audience will be able to meet the unique and unmistakable humor of Zdenek Izer. As always, there will be popular skits, parodies, many great jokes and imitations of a number of popular Czech and foreign singers. The performance is again enriched with video projections, various entertaining costumes and disguises and light effects.

Theater Ungelt: Glass ceiling
WHEN: From 20
WHERE: Summer scene Ungelt, Nový Svět, Prague 1

Two different worlds, two irreconcilable approaches to life and one common sense of guilt that cannot be gotten rid of. A fascinating clash of two strong personalities who cannot stop loving each other, although everything is against…

Exhibition Martin Salajka: Mimicry
WHEN: Daily until October 2
WHERE: Villa Pellé, Pelléova 10, Prague 6

The title of the most comprehensive exhibition of one of the most expressive painters of his generation, Martin Salajka (1981), is also its main theme. A graduate of Michael Rittstein’s painting studio at the Prague Academy, in his visual thinking he focuses on some aspects of contemporary life, which are by their nature changeable, confusing and therefore generally incomprehensible. Most often, it is based on personal mythology. Fish and chameleons also appear in his paintings, as urban ghosts wandering through the labyrinth of night streets. However, it is always more about imagined ghosts or shadows than real bodies, which dissolve as unexpectedly as they appeared. Their meanings are also hidden, so it is possible to perceive individual displays symbolically. Content indefinability is also reflected in the formal side, which lies between reality and an abstracting vision. The combined exhibition approach, which juxtaposes elements of a traditional presentation, a closed thematic installation and a cabinet of curiosities, wants to express the same dynamic.

Sloths return to the zoo
WHEN: Daily 9-21 until the end of September
WHERE: Prague Zoo, U Trojského zámku 120/3, Prague 7
FOR HOW MUCH: As part of the regular ticket to the zoo

The Prague Zoo invites you to an exhibition of sklipkans. Visitors can see over four dozen species, including the largest ever, in the Gočárovy domy Gallery. You can look forward not only to colorful or highly poisonous snakes, but also to very rare representatives of these arthropods. Probably the most attractive live exhibit this year will be the female of the largest spider (Theraphosa blondi), aptly named “Blondie”, whose species is also probably the largest spider in the world.

Museum of Fantastic Illusions
WHEN: Daily 9am-7pm (last entry at 6pm)
WHERE: Museum of Fantastic Illusions, Vodičkova 31, Prague 1

Welcome to the magical world of optical illusions! Pavel Kožíšek’s Museum of Fantastic Illusions is a huge success among visitors and is now twice as big and x times more fun! Be part of a captivating exhibition of fantastic optical illusions and large-format trick paintings. Go for a unique experience in the funniest Czech museum, where you can also take great and funny photos and videos!

The world of jellyfish full of novelties for children and parents
Daily 9-21
OC Arkády Pankrác, Na pankráci 86, Prague 4
From 170 CZK, adults 260 CZK

Svět Medúz was created as a completely unique global project, where under one roof the stunning life of jellyfish intertwines with audiovisual effects. On an area of ​​over seven hundred square meters, you will find 38 aquariums in which over 30 species of jellyfish can be seen. Young and old visitors can also look forward to video mapping and unique attractions. Come and enjoy a unique experience that not only your children will appreciate.

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