School should be a game, Zeman told the schoolchildren

School should be a game, Zeman told the schoolchildren
School should be a game, Zeman told the schoolchildren

He started the school year there during his first term in office in 2014, and he chose Llan Elementary School again this year, the last time he holds this role as president.

“When I was here in 2014, I already noticed the beautiful custom when ninth graders are patrons of first graders. And I would be very happy if this habit from last year’s school spread to other schools as well. Because we should learn to protect those who are starting out, who are younger and therefore weaker,” Zeman commented on the tradition, where each freshman is assigned a guide from among the last years.

At the same time, Zeman reminded the first class of the legacy of Jan Ámos Komenský. “School is supposed to be a game, then there will be a new and slightly more complicated game called life,” said the president, wishing the freshmen to succeed in it.

Last year, Zeman started the school year in Brno at the elementary and kindergarten in Merhautova street, where he also referred to Comenius and at the same time appealed for cooperation between school and family, because that day at school he learned about the case of two children who were supposed to collapse from hunger. At that time, he flew to Brno on a CASA army plane, because at that time he had been moving around in a wheelchair for several months.

In the last year, the President has been accompanied by health complications and spends most of his time at the castle in Lány. Less than two weeks ago, Zeman was released from the Central Military Hospital, where he was on a planned hospitalization to check the feeding tube. He has had it in place since last fall, and according to the Castle’s latest statement, the doctors will remove it at the end of this year at the earliest.

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