I’m excited about our party in the cabin, says Pardubice goalkeeper Will

I’m excited about our party in the cabin, says Pardubice goalkeeper Will
I’m excited about our party in the cabin, says Pardubice goalkeeper Will

Goalkeeper Roman Will would be within reach of a third clean sheet in the first three games in a new jersey in the event of a start on the ice of Středočechy. He won the first at the Dolomiten Cup in Italy against Augsburg (2:0) and the second on Tuesday night in the enteria arena against Liberec (1:0).

“I wouldn’t put any weight on my zeroes at all. I mainly want to win matches, and whether it’s 1:0, 5:0 or 5:4, it doesn’t matter at all. Twice we came away with a clean slate, but that’s also because our team is playing excellently. The defenders block shots, so they make it a lot easier for me,” praised Will.

Even so, Will definitely didn’t get it for free. In the match, he had to pull off several decent saves, including the liquidation of a separate escape. “It’s never free. Liberec is a quality team, they have excellent players and a good game system, but we are also quality. We showed that we can win even at 1:0,” Will was happy.

He also celebrated the narrow victory with the team in the cabin. “Screaming after a win is part of it. I’m absolutely thrilled with our party in the cabin, it’s great here. Beautifully balanced, everyone understands each other,” pleased Willa.

According to him, everything is going well before the start of the extra league year, he is not even worried about the fact that Dynamo managed to score a single goal in the last two home games.

“I don’t attach any weight to that either, just like the zeros. We have an incredibly high-quality staff and it just takes time. We are all playing along and everything is yet to come. The older players are experienced, the younger players are extremely skilled, so I’m not afraid,” commented Will.

On Tuesday, it was his very first match against “his” Liberec after returning from the KHL to the Czech Republic. “But I haven’t solved it in any way yet, that will come in the extra league,” he said.

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