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The governing coalition of five has a comfortable majority in the House of Representatives. But the opposition insists on convening the meeting, despite the fact that the head of civil intelligence, Petr Mlejnek, announced his resignation on Wednesday. The affair surrounding Mlejenko was one of the reasons why there will be a vote of no confidence in the government. Even so, the opposition demands the head of the Minister of the Interior, Vít Rakušan (STAN).

“Nothing changes at Thursday’s meeting of the House of Representatives. The second reason is the absolute inability to manage the energy crisis and the failure of Minister Síkela,” said Andrej Babiš, head of the ANO movement, on Wednesday.

According to Fiala, the deputies for ANO are just trying to divert attention from the problems of their chairman, who is being indicted in the Čapí hnízdo case.

“It doesn’t worry us at all. We will use tomorrow’s meeting to recall what the government has achieved in an extremely difficult situation over the last eight months. I think that is not enough,” said the Prime Minister after Wednesday’s cabinet meeting.

Schillerová: The Austrian and Síkela should resign


A very long discussion is expected

Members of the government and the opposition are expecting a long discussion, and meetings until late at night are not excluded. Fiala is convinced that the government will retain the trust of the majority of MPs. The coalition of five consisting of ODS, STAN, KDU-ČSL, TOP 09 and Pirates has a total of 108 votes. 101 out of 200 MPs would have to vote for a vote of no confidence. The opposition ANO and SPD have only 92 votes.

“We are preparing for the negotiations to be long. But what is absolutely certain is its result. The government has a majority of 108 members in the House of Representatives, and no one has suggested that anything should change,” Marek Výborný, head of the People’s Club of Deputies, told Práv. “I am quite sure that what we will see will be a rhetorical exercise in pre-election time,” he added.

The government will increase the norms for housing allowances


According to him, the opposition thereby denied its earlier proclamations that it would not initiate a vote of no confidence during the European presidency, which in 2009, during the then Czech presidency of the Council of the EU, led to the fall of Topolánek’s government and to international shame. Four coalition MPs joined the opposition during the vote at that time, so it received the necessary 101 votes.

According to Alena Schillerová, head of the opposition ANO club, the situation has changed. According to her, the government is not solving the enormous price increase of energy and the economic problems that people are getting into.

Babiš’s minority government faced three no-confidence motions in the last election period, all of which failed.

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