The Czechia has a woman among its professional firefighters for the first time in its history

The Czechia has a woman among its professional firefighters for the first time in its history
The Czechia has a woman among its professional firefighters for the first time in its history

The volunteer firefighter from Dolní Měcholup passed the physical, health and psychological tests without any exemptions or reliefs from the prescribed conditions that male applicants have.

Until now, women in the fire and rescue service have mainly worked in operational centers or in the prevention department. There are currently 969 of the 10,500 professional firefighters.

Žďárská ČTK said that her dream came true by being accepted to the professional unit. She graduated from a high school focused on tourism, but three years ago she found her way to the volunteer fire department. “I landed there thanks to an advertisement. I moved to Dolní Měcholup and the commander had posted that they were looking for someone who is over 17 years old and physically fit,” described the slender smiling woman.

“I met the conditions, I thought I would go and try it, and I already stayed with them. They allowed me to do it – it’s also not customary, but women can be in the volunteer fire brigade, so that was my starting line,” she continued.

The first twenty-four-hour service in the professional unit at Žďárská awaits on Saturday. She called the question of how she feels in a purely male collective premature. “However, it’s fine with the volunteer firefighters, we got used to each other there and we live together, so I believe it will be the same here,” she noted.

She revealed that she was most worried about the physical tests, which consist of sit-ups, men’s push-ups and swimming 200 meters timed. “There are the same limits as for men, but I managed everything. Thanks to the fact that I do TFA sport, which is more or less physical preparation for going out, it was easier for me. I go running, to the gym, twice a week for circuit training, so I already have a little bit of physical education. But I had to practice swimming, I had to work hard there,” she said.

It is thanks to the TFA (Toughest Firefighter Alive) sport, which is a strength all-around combat that simulates the work of firefighters, that Žďárská is also used to heavy equipment. “I compete in it, we also pull eighty-kilogram mannequins in it, jump over obstacles, wind hoses… It can be done, but that strength is needed,” she told ČTK.

She believes that, as a woman, she could have a better effect on children, for example, thanks to her empathy during outings. “I can be worried about anything – they go to traffic accidents, to apartment fires where there are small children. But I think I’ll deal with it and deal with it,” she concluded.

Since 2019, Žďárská has completed 49 trips in Dolní Měcholupy, which included technical assistance, fires and extraordinary events such as damage removal after a tornado, a covid emergency or help in connection with the war in Ukraine. He cites the apartment fire in April last year in Černokostelecká Street, where the fire burned 14 people, including seven children, as his most difficult experience so far. Žďárská provided pre-medical care to the injured on the spot before the rescuers arrived.

With the volunteer firefighters, Žďárská also completed a course in wearing breathing equipment. She participated in last year’s RescueDays, i.e. training in extrication from crashed vehicles, or went through training in the Fire Dragon fire trainer.

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