Tips for the weekend: Regional harvest festivals, beer and wine festivals or a sports fair

Tips for the weekend: Regional harvest festivals, beer and wine festivals or a sports fair
Tips for the weekend: Regional harvest festivals, beer and wine festivals or a sports fair

For children, parents and all supporters of the city of Hejnice, the association Spoleczne pro Hejnice organizes a sports competition in non-traditional disciplines. A reward is prepared for each athlete.

Kaja and Bambulacek
WHEN: Friday, September 2 at 5 p.m
WHERE: People’s gardens Liberec

Come and enjoy a wonderful show full of songs, dances and competitions with the children. New songs from the forthcoming CD will be played, but there will also be well-known hits such as Kulička, Kakadu or Dalmatin. During the performance, not only the children are guaranteed to have fun, but also their parents.

WHEN: Friday, September 2 at 7 p.m
WHERE: Bunker Music Club Liberec

The band will play outside in front of the Bunker as part of the farewell to this year’s holidays. He will also introduce his guest – the band Nanday.

A night for bats
WHEN: Friday, September 2 at 8 p.m
WHERE: the foot of Suché vrch, the Naděje dam in the Lužické mountains
FOR HOW MUCH: free entry

The picturesque Naděje Reservoir in the Lužické Mountains with the mysterious Ice Cave are a place that bats seek out in autumn. For many years, on the first Friday of September, a meeting with bats has been prepared here for nature lovers. For those who are not afraid in the forest at night, the Lusatian Mountains PLA Management is organizing the International Night for Bats on Friday, September 2. Visitors will have a unique chance to meet live bats at a traditionally popular place, at the foot of Suché vrch at the mouth of the Naděje Ice Cave! A demonstration of bat research methods, a lecture with slide shows, an introduction to the reasons and methods of protecting bats, the little daredevils will get the chance to release smaller species back into the wild. Each visitor receives a commemorative ticket. Entry to the event is free thanks to financial support from the program of the Czech Union of Nature Protectors “Protection of Biodiversity”, supported by Lesy České republiky, sp., the Ivan Dejmal Foundation and in the grant management of the Ministry of the Environment. All this awaits you on Friday, September 2, from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. at the Ice Cave in the Lužické Mountains.

Sports Live 2022
WHEN: Saturday, September 3 from 9 am
WHERE: Home Credit Arena and Sport Park Liberec
FOR HOW MUCH: free entry

The 17th year of the popular sports fair Sport Live 2022, which is the largest event of its kind in northern Bohemia. If your children still don’t know which sport they would enjoy the most, Sport Live is the ideal opportunity to try out an abundance of sports in one place. The fair will include a rich accompanying program, the opening of the public skating season directly on the ice surface of the Home Credit Arena or an autograph session by the players of the A-team of the White Tigers Liberec will not be missing. However, you can also look forward to the Cycology BMX/MTB Airbag Session and Exhibition of riders from the Steezers team or sports competitions for material prizes right at the stand of Sport Park Liberec.

Ferdinand Porsche Festival 2022
WHEN: Saturday, September 3 from 10 a.m
WHERE: Recreational and sports complex Vesec

The largest Porsche meeting in the Czech Republic, and since 2015 also a meeting of historic cars of all brands, with regular exhibitions and drives. About two hundred Porsche cars are expected to arrive, all to celebrate Ferdinand Porsche’s birthday right in his birthplace.

The Cabinet of Miracles or Orbis pictus and a tour of the theater
WHEN: Saturday, September 3 at 10 am
WHERE: Naive Theater Liberec

Parents with children are cordially invited to the first performance of the new theater season. Come and celebrate the beginning of the school year with theater – and what else to choose for this occasion than a production inspired by the work of Jan Amos Comenius – Cabinet of Miracles or Orbis pictus. After the performance, a free tour of the theater is prepared for you as a bonus. Together, you will explore the theater spaces normally hidden from the audience, view the puppet exhibition and also try working with them.

Liberec beer festival
WHEN: Saturday, September 3 from 10 a.m
WHERE: Square Dr. E. Beneš Liberec
FOR HOW MUCH: free entry

Come and spend the end of the holidays in front of the Liberec town hall, where you will be presented with 12 types of beers from nearby and further afield. In addition, a music program is prepared for you – Mecheche Band, Cubes, Trafo Rock, Cower power or Sound city.

The loves of yesterday and today, or Memories of the burnt-out Sun Baths

5. Wine Festival
WHEN: Saturday, September 3 at 1 p.m
WHERE: Cultural center of Vratislavice

The personal participation of more than thirty Czech and Moravian wine producers and winemakers, whose wines have long been highly rated by experts and the lay public, is confirmed. After three years, Liberec will once again welcome a constellation of winemakers who represent the domestic wine Olympus and whose wines are at the very top of the imaginary pyramid of domestic wines. Attention will also be focused on a group of natural winemakers who will present themselves in the Natural Scenery section. Year after year, new groups and winemakers appear on the domestic wine scene who produce very interesting wines, so visitors can also look forward to rising stars and new names that will definitely resonate in the wine industry in the future. The same attention will also be directed abroad. Thematic tasting points such as “I love Riesling” will present several dozen top Rieslings, mainly from Germany and Austria, or the “Prosecco Stage” will offer the best of the current world trend of sparkling wines. For lovers of red wines, the Red Stage stand will be set up, where you can taste a lot of great wines from well-known and lesser-known wine regions from all over the world. The musical production will start shortly after 1 p.m. on the main stage. Between the individual performances, several workshops will take place, e.g. professional sabrage (chopping sparkling wine with various objects) and thematic conversations with winemakers will also take place. The children will be in the good hands of Aunt Mražena and her V zukulet workshop. There will also be a cute theater called Krtek – Circus full of fairy tales. Sweet palates will be satisfied with gourmet specialties at several food points with a diverse special festival menu.

Exhibition of the Jizera photo club Hejnice
WHEN: Saturday 3 September (until 30 October)
WHERE: Hejnice Monastery

Everyone who likes and appreciates quality photography is invited to the exhibition in the exhibition hall of the Hejnice monastery. The opening takes place at 4 p.m., after which it will be available for viewing daily between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Open Air
WHEN: Saturday, September 3 at 7 p.m
WHERE: Kristýna campus, Hrádek nad Nisou

The end of the summer in the Kristýna recreation area with many DJs and dance music.

Regional harvests
WHEN: Saturday, September 3
WHERE: TG Masaryk square, Frýdlant city park
FOR HOW MUCH: free entry

Thanking the Earth for its gifts, celebrating the harvest and entertainment – this will be offered again by the Regional Harvest Festival of the Liberec Region. They will offer regional products and goodies from local growers and processors, concerts by bands Čechomor and Zrní, an exhibition of agricultural technology and animal husbandry or the Czech Championship in Timbersport. Visitors can also look forward to the traditional harvest procession from the castle and chateau of Frýdlant or to the thanksgiving service in the Church of the Discovery of St. Crisis. A regional food market with more than 30 stalls will be open all day at TG Masaryk Square. In addition to regional food, visitors will also find artisans with practical demonstrations.

Children’s tour
WHEN: Sunday, September 4 from 2:30 p.m
WHERE: Svijany Castle

The children will go to the castle together with the fairy-tale character, where the castle elf Chmelík has prepared a series of complicated tasks and puzzles for them. Children will have a great time, test their skills, and at the same time get information about the castle and its exhibitions in a non-violent way. In addition, a sweet reward awaits them at the end of the tour.

WHEN: Sunday, September 4 at 4 p.m
WHERE: Theater FX Šalda Liberec

Adventure dance theater inspired by The Jungle Book.

In the evening, one poem by Lukáš Pavlásk
WHEN: Sunday, September 4 from 6 p.m
WHERE: Jizera Mountains Museum in Bílí Potok

Lukáš Pavlásek and his performance The evening a poem will be performed in the Jizera Mountains Museum in Bílí Potok as part of the Frýdlantsko Franz Kafka festival.

The SIAL triplets
WHEN: Sunday, September 4 at 7 p.m
WHERE: Little theater Liberec

The authors of Šumný město Radovan Lipus and David Vávra created a cabaret for the actors of Divadlo FX Šalda in honor of the famous Liberec architects – Karl Hubáček, Miroslav Masák and Otakar Binar. We will take a look behind the scenes of the creation of perhaps the most famous Czech building – Ještěd, which Liberec is rightfully proud of and which long ago became an inseparable symbol of the city.

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