Thirty to two, people describe the skirmish in Dubai. We are afraid, say the locals

Thirty to two, people describe the skirmish in Dubai. We are afraid, say the locals
Thirty to two, people describe the skirmish in Dubai. We are afraid, say the locals

“According to the camera footage available to the city police, two groups of young people were pushing each other at the festivities. But there was no indication that there would be an attack,” said the mayor of Dubí, Petr Pípal (North Bohemia).

According to information from MF DNES, a dispute between two parties resulted in the assault of the mentioned sixteen-year-old and his adult acquaintance. The group was supposed to attack them at a local kindergarten and threaten them with death and further retaliation. It was not only people from Dubí, but also from Krupka and other towns in the vicinity.

The attacked young man managed to escape and call the police. Outnumbered by the attackers, the adult was knocked to the ground, punched and kicked.

“A group of thugs ran away before the police arrived. An investigation has been launched, the attacked were taken to a doctor for treatment,” the mayor added, adding that the police are dealing with the case.

“After evaluating the camera footage, it was possible to establish the overwhelming majority of juveniles from the party that participated in the attack. An investigation is underway and no details can be given,” Pípal explained.

Police spokesman Václav Krieger said the following about the case: “We are investigating the case of two victims who were supposed to have been attacked by a group of other people. We have initiated criminal proceedings in the matter on suspicion of committing the crimes of disorderly conduct and dangerous threats. No person has yet been charged. Due to the current stage of the investigation, no further information can be given.”

Provocation and escalation of aggression

“It was a classic ‘gypsy fair’, as they say – thirty to two or one to one. These people never go one-on-one, they are cowards,” said Mrs. Jana from Dubí, who came to a meeting with the mayor, where the locals wanted to know what the city could do for their safety.

“The brutal attack deviates from the normal rioting that also happens here,” said another of the participants in the meeting, which the town hall together with representatives of the city police and the Police of the Czech Republic convened after the incident, and where locals gave suggestions for a possible solution – from removing benches in the park, to more frequent errands city ​​police in the parts of Bystřice and Běhánka after tests of minors for alcohol or drug consumption or establishment of militia.

Another proposal to calm the situation is to increase the number of crime prevention officers and expand their scope.

“The solutions proposed by the mayor did not satisfy us. Although the patrols drive more often, they only pass by, they should get out of the car and avoid problem areas. But that’s not happening. We have children and we are worried about them,” commented Mrs. Alena on the situation.

“We are afraid, groups of young people are verbally attacking children and adults, provoking and escalating their aggression. I was never afraid, but now I’m afraid to walk down the street at night,” added Mrs. Jana.

According to Tomáš Pykal, the commander of the city police, they carry out alcohol checks if it is suspected that minors are under the influence of alcohol. “Regarding the drug test, the officer would have to load the juvenile into the car and take him to a medical examination,” outlined Pykal.

“Often we go to reports of violations of public order, but upon arrival we find that the youths are just sitting on the bench and doing nothing. In that case, there is no reason to take action against them. We also have to have a legal reason for legitimization,” the commander noted.

The city of Dubí has ​​52 security cameras installed on its territory, after the incident their number will increase to 55.

“We have a camera system at all key points, if something happens, we can trace the movement of people and identify the perpetrators,” the mayor noted. The safety of residents is monitored by 34 police officers.

“What the city of Dubí is doing for its security is unparalleled,” Pípal offered his view. “The annual operation of the city police costs 28 million crowns, which is almost a quarter of the budget. If you see a party of teenagers making a mess somewhere, call the police immediately. We know from our experience that if people call the police, the constant surveillance of a group of young people will be quite annoying,” the mayor said.

The attack on the 16-year-old boy and his entourage is reminiscent of a similar attack in the majority that took place at a swimming pool in Dubai in August 2018. At that time, Roma beat a man who stood up for one of the female visitors in a banal dispute. Six Roma then ended up in court, the court sent two of them to prison, imposed conditions on three and acquitted one of the charges. The judgments are not final yet.

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